Pistachio Ice Cream Kale Green Smoothie Shake

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This vegan Pistachio Ice Cream Kale Green Smoothie Shake by The Blender Girl is one of Blender Babes’ go to green smoothie recipes when we want something extremely tasty and satiating. The texture of this green smoothie is JUST like a milkshake, it’s almost hard to believe it’s packed with cancer fighting (but slightly bitter) kale! It’s extra filling with added healthy fat and protein from the nuts.  This nutty green smoothie calls for cashews, however we have used hazelnuts and brazil nuts that we had on hand and it tasted just as good!  For this green smoothie which calls for very little liquid, if you do not own a Blendtec or Vitamix high powered blender, then we recommend using more liquid and definitely frozen fruit, so you can still obtain the milkshake like texture that makes this green smoothie so appealing. Also be sure to check out our tips for making green smoothies with a regular blender!

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Pistachio Ice Cream Kale Shake
Recipe type: Green Smoothie Shake
Serves: 16 oz/2 cups
  • 1/2 cup (4oz) of milk substitute or filtered water
  • 1 cup kale leaves (about 3 large leaves)
  • 2 bananas - fresh or frozen
  • 1/2 cup pistachios, hazelnuts, or raw cashews
  • 3 tablespoons honey or 1/4 cup raw pitted dates (chopped)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon finely minced ginger
  • Pinch of salt
  • 2 cups ice (1 cup of ice if using frozen bananas)
  1. Place all the ingredients in the jar in the order listed.
  2. For Vitamix: Start on variable speed 1, turn the machine on and slowly increase to speed 10, then flip high. Blend until smooth (about 1 minute)
  3. For Blendtec: Press the WHOLE JUICE Button (if using frozen bananas, may have to run twice OR use the soup button)
  4. All done! Enjoy!! Now take a photo, rate it, and share your accomplishments! :) Tag @BlenderBabes & #BlenderBabes
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 8 oz/1 cup Calories: 342 Fat: 13g Saturated fat: 1.7g Unsaturated fat: 11.1g Carbohydrates: 52g Sugar: 31g Sodium: 100mg Fiber: 8g Protein: 8g Cholesterol: 0

Ginger has many benefits unique to itself, lying in components called gingerols.  Several studies show that ginger (fresh not dried) helps reduce nausea and vomiting associated with pregnancy, and when used in tea, can relieve symptoms of the common cold and flu, as well as menstrual cramps, headache, and sore throat.  Gingerols appear to be responsible for relieving inflammation associated with arthritis and migraine.

Kale also contains powerful antioxidants that help protect against certain cancers such as ovarian cancer. Kale is an excellent green to use for detox smoothies as it has cleansing properties. The nutrients in kale help protect against cataracts while promoting healthy lungs, cardiovascular health and boosts the immune system. Kale has anti-inflammatory properties making it an excellent food for those with rheumatoid arthritis.

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    • Blender BabesBlender Babes says

      Hi King Moe! Welcome! Sorry we don’t have them… yet! It’s something we have had requests for and it’s on the list of future tasks for ALL of our recipes. For now we just include them with the ones that came with it, however since we adapt many recipes it’s hard! Assuredly it’s something we hope to provide soon. :) Luv, Blender Babes

    • Karen says

      King, I am in the habit of tracking my daily food intake and plan to start having a green smoothie as a meal replacement so I have been calculating the basic nutritional facts on many of these recipes. Here’s what I came up with for one half of this recipe: 363 Calories, 59g Carbs, 12g Fat, 39g Sugars, 7g Protein, 5g Fiber. I entered Agave Nectar so the sugars may have been lower if I’d entered the dates instead.

      • Blender BabesBlender Babes says

        Thanks for sharing Karen! That’s perfect because we usually cut the recipe in half for one person anyhow. BTW we have read some pretty interesting things about Agave Nectar (not good things). We will reveal our findings in an article coming up soon, however consider using dates, stevia, or even honey for a better-for-you natural sweetener. :) xoxo

  1. Rachel Lacow says

    I have now read this recipe 6 times and maybe I am missing something … but I don't see any Pistachio in this recipe! (??) Pistachio ice cream made with cashews? LOL … Could I just use pistachios then? I have some in the freezer

  2. Patrice Stone says

    It’s like having dessert for breakfast! 3 tablespoons of honey was a little too sweet for me, so I’ll reduce it next time