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Slim Down Solution Coaching

Holistic mind, body and spirit coaching program that uses subconscious re-wiring, customized nutrition and body movement to teach you how to release unwanted weight naturally and long-term.

The Blender Cleanse

The 7-Day Blender Cleanse gives you everything you need to flush toxins, lose weight, recognize food sensitives, improve digestion, increase your energy, and get glowing skin. Easy step-by-step whole foods program.

21 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

One delicious green smoothie per day for 21 days will help you lose weight, increase fruit & veggie intake, skyrocket your energy, cleanse your skin and MORE! Weekly recipes and shopping lists.

67 year old cancer survivor stopped dieting - Lorraine P.

"Prior to working with Tarashaun, I had been yo-yoing for the last 1-2 years. With her help, I lost the weight and have kept it off! I liked the tools Tarashaun gave me for eating real food and the detail in prep instructions — and my husband ate many of the dinners with me! I liked Tarashaun's positivity and ability to hold us accountable and on track. She's invested in the success and wins of her clients— she has a light side and helps you feel part of the solution— no negativity for slip ups." ~Lorraine P.

Vegetarian 40 year old mom of 3 lost 11 inches - Kavita G.

"This coaching is a lifestyle change not just about losing weight. It’s about being healthy. I was not feeling good about energy, stress and my relationship with food. Coaching with Tarashaun took away the negative talk I do to myself and helped me focus on what I can do to improve rather than be upset about what I did not do. I am more accepting of how I look now."

More Slim Down Solution Clients

Susanna P - The Blender Cleanse

Susanna P. - 40s

I can see progress in my weight loss and body image but more importantly it has given me the tools to make lasting changes in my whole attitude towards food.

Lisa H - The Blender Cleanse

Lisa H. - 40s Mom of 3

I lost 18 pounds in 6 weeks. I used to eat too much and now I don’t. I think I’ve gotten on top of the emotional eating issue I had. Tarashaun's coaching really worked for me.

Barbara O - The Blender Cleanse

Barbara O. - 50s

Tarashaun really listens to you. It's a no judgement zone. I have made lots of steps I wouldn't have done if not for her support. For me it made a huge difference and was well worth it.

40 year old mom of 2 released 17 pounds ~Brittany O.

"I think that the mental aspect of The Blender Cleanse is awesome and I also like the self-care aspect that's folded into it. I have two kids and I care for them all the time. I don't really care for myself. I really liked picking up some of those tips and tricks and treating myself while I was doing this. It wasn't like "I need to treat myself cause I'm starving." It was more like, "I need to treat myself because I'm treating myself so good this week."  In total, I lost 17 pounds!"

50+ year old mom came back to self - Elisabeth S.

"A few years back, I was searching for healthy cleanses that met my needs and my desire to enjoy eating my nutrition and I found your Cleanse! I have a long history of insomnia. Honestly, I barely slept from March 2020 until Day 3 of the the Blender Cleanse and I am continuing to sleep. I released toxins and reset my mind, my outlook and see that the nutritional, mental and emotional strength I feel again is here to stay! I lost a total of 6 lbs - 5 inches combining waist, hips and thighs. Energy went from a 2 to a 4,999. Digestion from constipated to daily in the am. I feel like I am glowing. Even my son said so. Mindset is Positive - Elisabeth is BACK! I was looking for and found a lifestyle plan! THANK YOU!"

More Blender Cleanse Clients

Felicia Lucca Blender Cleanse

Felicia L.  - More energy!

"I was feeling sluggish and overweight due to stress and a lack of exercise. The Cleanse is easy to follow and the recipes are delicious. By the 5th day my energy levels skyrocketed and I noticed a difference in my clothes. I lost about 5 pounds and have been able to maintain because the Cleanse helped me become much more aware of how eating REAL food makes me feel."

Nancy and Dean H - The Blender Cleanse

Nancy and Dean H. 

"My husband and I both lost 7+ pounds [in 1 week]. We like how easy it is with all the recipes and shopping lists. We also like that we're eating REAL food. We definitely would recommend. We are hoping that some of our friends that don't eat very healthy will see our results and want we have."

Samit T - The Blender Cleanse

Samit T. - Loved it!

"This was a fun detox! I loved the gradual elimination approach and yummy recipes. I Iost 6 lbs and the cleanse helped reset my cravings. Tarashaun’s daily videos was also wonderful. I'm excited about incorporating my favorite recipes from the cleanse into in my daily life, living healthier long term!"

Take the Heathy Living Leap with Tarashaun

Ever wish you could have someone assess your current health challenges and tell you what you need to do, without it costing an arm and a leg?  Here's your chance to have that.

21 Day Green Smoothie Challengers

Lacey R - 21 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

Lacey R.

"Total weight loss was 16 lb. I gained two back one day when I ate really unhealthy. But I lost it after three days more, so I'm 14 lb down from starting weight
My complexion was definitely clearer. I slept better, which is a huge plus since I am recovering from PPD. I have more energy to play with my kids. I just feel better overall."

Cherish J - 21 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

Cherish J.

"I lost 10 pounds. I feel successful and healthy and beautiful. Recommended for everyone the weight loss is just great and beautiful."

Pam W - 21 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

Pam W.

"People have noticed my skin is clearer and softer; I have more energy and motivation to exercise (or at least not sit still for any length of time), and I have seen the scale start to move in the right direction."

Patrice S - 21 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

Patrice S.

"My goal was to add more nutritious food into my day and I have definitely accomplished that with this challenge. I even got my husband and two young kids to drink a few smoothies!"

Latosha B - 21 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

Latosha B.

"I lost 7 additional pounds, it taught me to rotate my greens, made making smoothies fun & very enjoyable"

Lyndsey S - 21 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

Lyndsey S.

"I love smoothies, but straight fruit can cause blood sugar spikes. Knowing I am taking in healthy vegetables AND fruit gave me a big lift. I never had cravings, I continued to lose a few pounds, and people have noticed that my skin is much softer and clearer. I felt a boost in my energy level and general outlook."

Take the Healthy Living Leap with Tarashaun

Are you struggling with weight loss, digestion, sleep, hormones, gut health and more?
Want to get the help you need without a phone call or in person assessment?

Tarashaun's Mission

I assist my clients wherever they are at on their personal health journeys. Whether you just want to eat healthier and have more energy or you have been struggling with your physical and emotional bodies for some time - together we will find what you need to take a step forward on your path and move towards your goals. 

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