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I work with busy women over 30 who want to lose 5-20 pounds (or more!), detox and reset their bodies quickly and safely without joining a gym, restricting calories or doing it on their own (even if other programs haven't worked). If that is you, pick a day and time below to book a complimentary 30 min Results Accelerator Call, which will give you a strategy no matter what, and also see if working with me is a good fit.

Blender Babes Slim Down Secrete

I lost 4 lbs and 1 inch around my waist [in 1 week]. The shopping list and menu plan made it easy. Not all detox/cleanses are as healthy as this one. If someone wanted to do a detox or cleanse I would encourage them to do this one over all the other stuff out there.” ~ Diana L.

“I just finished my 4th round of The Blender Cleanse! I have been doing it 1-2 times a year for the past few years. This round I lost 7 pounds! I feel cleansed and refreshed with so much energy, and no cravings for things I used to feel I needed desperately daily -- like coffee! Thank you Blender Babes for the amazing juice recipes and easy to follow elimination food plan!” ~ Samantha V.

My husband and I both lost 7+ pounds [in 1 week].This was our 3rd time doing The Blender Cleanse. We like how easy it is with all the recipes and shopping lists. We also like that we're eating REAL food. We definitely would recommend. We are hoping that some of our friends that don't eat very healthy will see our results and want we have.” ~ Nancy (and Dean) H.

"I was feeling sluggish and bloated. The Blender Cleanse made my skin glow and gave me more energy. I also lost 3lbs and dropped half an inch from my waist, and ¼ inch from arms [in 1 week]. I like that The Blender Cleanse is a gentle transition into a juice detox that doesn’t give you headaches. It also taught me that my body really doesn’t need large portions of food to eat and feel full.” ~ Camille K.

A Few Results from 
Working With Me

"The Blender Cleanse is a perfect way to address the last few pounds that need to come off or start a longer battle. It helped me to focus my diet. The no caffeine and alcohol made a big difference. Also, the recipes are so quick and easy that I will use them regularly." ~ Mark G.

"My husband and I do The Blender Cleanse once a month and the juice portion for 5-days. We love the detox recipes and we never feel hungry. We've lost about 15 pounds each. The cleanse reminds us how delicious REAL FOODS are, so we don't crave processed or junk foods!" ~ Beverly S.

This was a fun detox! I loved the gradual elimination approach and yummy recipes. I Iost 6 lbs and the cleanse helped reset my cravings. Doing the cleanse live with a bunch of other folks and Tarashaun’s daily videos was also wonderful. I’ve already recommended this cleanse to all my family and friends. I'm excited about incorporating my favorite recipes from the cleanse into in my daily life, living healthier long term! ~ Samit T.  

"I was feeling sluggish and overweight due to stress and a lack of exercise from being self-employed. The Blender Cleanse appealed to me because it [uses] REAL food. It’s easy to follow and the recipes are delicious. It also makes you feel great! By the 5th day my energy levels skyrocketed. Plus I noticed a difference in my clothes. I lost about 5 pounds [in 1 week]. More importantly, I have been able to maintain my weight loss because The Blender Cleanse helped me become much more aware of what I was eating and how eating REAL food makes feel energized." ~ Felicia L.  

“The Blender Cleanse was easy to follow (no weird ingredients) and the recipes were delicious. [It] got me off sugar, caffeine and I lost 5.5 pounds [in 1 week].” ~ Liz H.

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