Breakfast Criminals eBook Cookbook


When you have a normal breakfast, you have a normal day; when you start your day with a delicious superfood breakfast prepared with love, you create space for magic. By Ksenia Avdulova

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A breakfast lover whose love for healthy morning eats has been recognized by Lululemon, MindBodyGreen, and Cameron Diaz’ The Body Book, to name a few, I’ve created amazing recipes over the years, but remembering what I had mixed together only seems easy in the moment. That’s when the idea of an eBook was born (thanks to a suggestion by my amazing followers!). In this eBook, I’ve collected over dozens of my all-time best breakfast recipes, as well as the Breakfast Criminals pantry and freezer must-haves, and general magical ideas to make sure you start your day on a tuned in, connected vibe.  Recipes in this book are the real deal: they’ve been played with and tested until perfection.


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