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Blender Drinks without Alcohol

Blender Babes provides many blender cocktails with alcohol for you to blend up! Margaritas are an important reason why people buy a blender and we LOVE a restaurant quality margie. However we provide plenty of new blender drinks with alcohol for you to try if you’re looking for something new or a holiday blended drink.

3 Bulletproof Coffee Recipes: Vegan, Spicy Coconut, Classic (with caffeine free Crio Bru option!)

Vitamix Simple Frozen Bloody Mary Recipe via @BlenderBabes

Simple Bloody Mary Recipe (Frozen!) by Vitamix

C Punch Vitamin C Green Smoothie

Fresh Orange Banana Lime Daiquiri

Peggy K Mocha Frappuccino from @BlenderBabes

VEGAN Chocolate Frappuccino by Peggy K

How to Make Your Own Chia Squeeze Drink!

Tyler Florence Skinny Arnold Palmer Recipe

Tyler Florence’s Skinny Arnold Palmer Drink Recipe

Hot Caffeine-Free Maca Mocha

DIY Detox Water Recipes

4 DIY Stress Relieving, Fat Burning & Detox Water Recipes

Quick and Easy Non-Alcoholic Hot Apple Cider

Dairy Free Horchata

Quick & Easy Dairy Free Mexican Horchata

Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe

Dr Oz Peach Mango Lassi Milkshake by @BlenderBabes

Dr. Oz Mango Lassi Milkshake

Flat Tummy Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie Cocktail

Flat Tummy Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie/Cocktail

Kimberly Snyder Low Sugar Agua Fresca

Frozen Lemonade Italian Ice Slushie

Nojitos - Non Alcoholic Mojito Recipe by @BlenderBabes

Nojitos – Non Alcoholic Mojitos from The Blender Girl

The Famous Orange Julius Recipe

Blended Iced Mocha Frappe Recipe by @BlenderBabes

Blended Iced Mocha Frappe Drink