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6 Best Foods to Help Cure Your Headaches

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6 Foods to Cure HeadachesHeadaches are a pain, pun intended, and just like most people do – it’s easy to reach for the nearest pain pill! Instead of running to the nearest pharmacy or popping an Ibuprofen or Excedrin, try any of the 6 best foods for a natural remedy next time your head is taking a pounding – who knew your relief could come from the produce aisle!

Ginger best food to cure headacheGinger

This is our #1 go to for a headache. We love buying fresh ginger at the grocery store or farmer’s market. Not only for our smoothie and juice recipes, when we have a headache we mince or crush about an inch of ginger root and add it to either some decaffeinated tea or just some boiling water for some homemade ginger tea. Drinking this tea will reduce inflammation as quickly as it will take for aspirin or other pain pill to work. You can also try this Migraine Be Gone Juice recipe! We have had a couple in our Blender Babes community actually chew on a small piece of ginger and then rest in the dark for 20 minutes – when they got up, headache was gone!

Bananas Banana best food to cure headache

The power combo of potassium and magnesium come to your cranium’s rescue in this one delicious piece of fruit. Magnesium has a calming effect, which is a huge help when trying to relieve an achy head. Try The Laughing Gorilla Green Smoothie or the Banana Spice Smoothie recipes!


Potato best food to cure headacheAfter a fun night out on the town, you probably think that a plate of greasy fries or a cheeseburger is the way to go (and what you’re craving!) – we say ditch the french fries and have a baked potato instead! Foods full of potassium have been proven to help alleviate severe headaches, and a baked potato with the skin provides a whopping 600 mg!

Watermelon watermelon

Most of the time when dealing with a headache, chances are you may just be dehydrated. A water abundant fruit such as watermelon {can give can provide you with a huge boost of good ol’ H2O and also serves as a good source of potassium and magnesium! Curethat head ache and have a tasty treat with our Watermelon Fruit Pops recipe!

Cucumber best food to cure headacheCucumber

Similar to watermelon, cucumber may help slice dehydration out of the picture. Consisting of 95 percent water, the highly hydrating cucumber is a is an excellent option for a fresh and natural, headache-fighting snack. Try the Clean Breeze Kombucha Green Smoothie or Martha Stewart’s Green Juice recipes!

Pineapple best food to cure headachePineapple

Fresh pineapple may also help ease your headache troubles. It contains bromelain, a natural enzyme that has been linked for centuries as being a form of natural pain relief. It also provides anti-inflammatory properties which can help make your head right as well. Try the delicious Protein Packed Tropical Smoothie or our  Pineapple Ice Cream Green Smoothie recipes!


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Shannon Hoglund
Shannon Hoglund
Shannon is a marathon runner, yogi, jet setter, foodie, and mommy. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and daughter where she enjoys being active outdoors as much as possible and spending time with friends and family. Keeping healthy and fit is a main goal of Shannon’s, along with inspiring others to also lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

4 thoughts on “6 Best Foods to Help Cure Your Headaches”

  1. Thanks for sharing this article. I learned a lot, I will start to eat these foods. I have been suffering with headache lately. I don’t know what is the main cause of it. i was advised to do some exercise and drink plenty of water. I am planning to see my doctor soon.

    1. Blender Babes

      Any time Rachel! Sorry to hear about your headaches, your doctor should be able to figure that out for you 🙂 Feel free to ask as many questions you want about these foods.

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