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Refreshingly Healthy Beverage Recipes


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Looking for some easy healthy recipes? Here are some of the Blender Babes favorites, organized by category so you can find exactly what you want in just a few clicks.


Quick and easy smoothies to spruce up your morning routine and snack on throughout the day.

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Green Smoothies

Fresh veggies and fruits blended together in one delicious (and nutritious) glass!

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Milk Substitutes

Almond, Cashew and Hemp! Oh My! These dairy-free drinks are super creamy and packed with protein.

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Nutritious juices packed with the daily fruits & veggies you need, and boy do they taste good!

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Refreshing mocktails for some good clean fun the whole family can enjoy!

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Thick and creamy homemade milkshake recipes that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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Drink with Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages and cocktails to get the party started, and keep it going!

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