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3 One Minute Easy Workouts You Can Do at Home While Blending!

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3 Exercises You Can Do At Home in a Blender Minute by @BlenderBabes


If time could be bottled and sold at a discounted price I’m sure we would all be purchasing it and sprinkling it over our heads 3 times a day. Unfortunately, we have rushed seconds, crammed with multi-tasking to accomplish all we need to do.

With this fast paced life in mind, Blender Babes has a come up with a few quick 1 minute easy workouts to do at home while blending your favorite healthy smoothie recipes! We make it easy to squeeze in a quick Blender Babe Burn workout into your day. Whether you are blending in the morning, afternoon or evening these 3 easy, one minute workouts will have you feeling more accomplished at the end of your busy day.

1. The Plié-Squat-Ab Series

3 One Minute Easy Workouts You Can Do at Home While Blending with @BlenderBabesStand in second position with your feet turned out, like your about to take a barre class and Plié till your knees reach over your second toe. (Check your posture- bum tucked under and back flat and neck reaching up like you are pulling a string from the top, middle of your head. Stand tall and engage your core.)

You are going to hit the start button on your blender and pulse down an inch and up, on the beat of First Love by J.Lo (if you need a pace and some musical guidance!).

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*To take this simple exercise one step further, extend your arms to either side reaching out right and left like you are the rope in a game of tug-of-war. Then, for every two pulses down, use your oblique’s and isolate your rib cage by stretching right and left.

For Example. Pulse down an inch and up, pulse down an inch and up, shift right with your rib cage and reach the right arm long, then shift left with your rib cage (keeping your hips squared, facing forward and still) and reach the left arm long. Remember, this is a steady quick tempo to the beat.

2. The Tricep-Dip-Kick Out

3 One Minute Easy Workouts You Can Do at Home While Blending with @BlenderBabesNo matter how high your counter top is you can use it in this workout, but if possible use a chair to increase the ab engagement and the isolated burn in your triceps- I’m all for tightening this area whenever I can, we all remember that scene in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts roots for her favorite team at the Polo Match…on a mission to stop the giggle!

Begin by placing your back against the countertop and taking one and a half steps forward. If you are in a chair place your hands on the seat of the chair with your fingers facing you. Now, dip your bum down till your knees are directly over your ankles and your thighs are parallel to the floor. It should be a 90 degree angle from your hips, to your knees and ending at your feet.

From here, begin to pulse down an inch and up and alternate lifting your right leg till it is extended straight in front of you. Foot flexed like you are kicking away from something. Then place the right foot flat on the ground and alternate to the left. Every time you pulse down with your arms you extend a leg forward. A great beat to reference here is 2 On (feat. Schoolboy) by Tinashe.

*Remember to have your elbows in tight to your body and make sure they are pointing behind you and they are not darting to the sides. Keep your core tight and stick your bum out, creating a flat spine brushing up and down the chair or countertop.

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Last but not least!

3. Bum-Skaters

3 One Minute Easy Workouts You Can Do at Home While Blending with @BlenderBabesThis will make your bum and hamstrings scream for green juice if you execute this in one minute. Before choosing this exercise be sure you have plenty of room.

Start off by standing tall with your feet on either side of a line (imaginary or tile/wood flooring). Just envision a line with your feet on either side of it. Take your right hand and place it in front of your left foot, then lift your right leg up behind you. (During this movement your right leg will automatically lift back and your left arm will extend back naturally, looking for balance). From this balanced position on your left leg and right hand, jump, and place your right leg down and cross your left hand over the line in front of your right foot. Extend the left leg back and reach the right arm behind you for a balanced position.

Then alternate back and forth for a minute- you will replicate a speed skating motion but completely bent forward. To protect your lower back, hollow out your abs and round your spine to soften impact of the planted foot of each movement.

There you have it! 3 Easy Workouts you can do at home in a Blender Minute. Are there any exercises you squeeze in when you  have a minute or two? Let us know in the comments!

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Courtney Webb
Courtney Webb
Courtney Webb is a digital media freelancer, health & fitness writer and model in New York City. Her passion for creating content for social platforms derived from Baylor University with a BA in News/Editorial Journalism and years of working at lululemon athletica Recently, she branched out on her own creating a brand that combines this innovative niche market with her love of writing and athletic discipline, Her website, The CNic Route - is about "Creative Collaboration," with musings of fitness, entrepreneurial advice, inspirational motivation, goal crushing and the brands she has forged into digital fruition. The website will go live November 2014. Courtney's fitness background stems from the age of three and continues past the collegiate level throughout Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Track & Lacrosse. She now coaches lacrosse in Manhattan, along with being a yoga and run enthusiast. Her mantra for life has and always will be applying and acknowledging the fruits of the spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness & self control, for such there is no law.

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