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7 Superfood Smoothie Principles from Julie Morris

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Julie Morris is a natural food chef who specializes in superfoods.

Hence her book, Superfood Smoothies! In her book she presents us with a simple shortcut to our health, nature in a cup!

Included are 100 gorgeous superfood smoothie recipes that can be customized to please everyone’s taste buds. Let’s start blending Blender Babes!

7 Superfood Smoothie Principles from Julie MorrisAs many of us health enthusiasts can relate, not all smoothies are created equal!

The versatility of a smoothie can make it a sugar trap OR a healthy dose of nutrients.

In Superfood Smoothies, Julie recounts her story as a Valley girl drinking smoothies to bear the weather and to stay in trend as the new “blended” business started to emerge in Southern California.

Although during those teenage years, a smoothie made of sherbets and fruit juice was simply a pleasure-based experience.

It was not until she began researching about the health benefits of drinking smoothies that Julie understood the great amounts of sugar and empty calories she was consuming.

This experience motivated her to maximize the nutrients provided by smoothies, including energy, anti-aging antioxidants, and vitamins and minerals.

She discovered that replacing the unhealthy components doesn’t have to lead to the loss of flavor.

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Julie’s Superfood Smoothies are about balancing flavor with function.

She even provides us with 7 golden rules for making the best, most beneficial smoothies.

Isn’t she awesome! 

7 Superfood Smoothie Principles

1. Simple whole foods are best. Superfood smoothies are whole-food dependent!

This includes real fruits, vegetables, unrefined powders, seeds and nuts. Only use “additives,” concentrated superfood ingredients to boost nutrition and flavor.

7 Superfood Smoothie Principles from Julie Morris by @BlenderBabes2. Ingredients with a purpose. Each superfood offers a compound of benefits for our mind and body.

Establish your health objectives and be conscious of how every ingredient you include in your smoothie benefits you.

3. More is not always better. The nutrients in superfoods are more condensed than the average natural food, which is why we LOVE them!

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But if you are looking to add an extra boost to your daily smoothie, be mindful that you might be providing your body with a far greater percentage of the recommended daily allowance, far too much for your body to handle.

You are causing not fixing health problems!

7 Superfood Smoothie Principles from Julie Morris by @BlenderBabes4. Consider density of nutrients first. When assessing food choices, you should take into account the ratio of micro-nutrients — vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals — per calorie.

The more micro-nutrients each calorie contains, the higher and better that food is for you, this is true of superfoods as well as the remaining ingredients in your smoothie recipe.

5. Avoid acidic products: AKA animal products. Superfood Smoothies aim to provide the most healthy benefits with the least bodily harm.

While animal products of any kind, including all forms of dairy, provide protein and minerals, they are also the most acidic-forming foods we consume; disturbing our pH levels and making our bodies prone to disease.

You can find the macro and micro-nutrients of animal products in many plant-based ingredients without the health detriments. Follow Rule #2!

7 Superfood Smoothie Principles from Julie Morris by @BlenderBabes6. No need for sugar. Adding ingredients, such as fruits, fruit juice and other natural sweetening additives, will give your smoothie recipes all the necessary sugar.

Keep your smoothie clean and filled with nutritious taste!

7. Taste above all else. Following this rule means you will come to crave a daily boost of delicious nutrients!

By finding the right flavor combinations that satisfy your taste buds, you will forget about temporary diets.

A healthy lifestyle begins with a daily Superfood Smoothie

7 Superfood Smoothie Principles from Julie Morris by @BlenderBabes“To date, no one yet has succumbed to cliché and actually asked me if my cup was half empty or half full.

If anyone ever does, and I happen to be lucky enough to be holding a superfood smoothie, I have the perfect retort: My dear, this cup is packed.”Julie Morris

Superfood Smoothies also compiles a list of the Super 15, based on health benefits, cost-effective, readily available and blender-friendly, Julie gives us the top core superfoods.

Get your blenders ready Blender Babes! Acai berries, Algae, Cacao, Camu berries, Chia seeds, Chlorophyll-rich superfoods, Flax seed, Goji berries, Hemp seeds, Maca, Maqui berries, Mulberries, North American berries, Pomegranate and Sea Buckthorn berries made the list!

For more information check our Top Recommended Superfoods!

Don’t be afraid to incorporate these superfoods into your smoothie recipes, every superfood can only enhance your nutrition.

Let us know what your favorite superfoods for your smoothies are in the comments! Be sure to check out Julie’s other Superfood Cookbooks! HAPPY BLENDING! 🙂

7 Superfood Smoothie Principles from Julie Morris by @BlenderBabes

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16 thoughts on “7 Superfood Smoothie Principles from Julie Morris”

  1. Colleen Johnson

    I love this book of smoothie recipes however I am concerned about the amount of sugar in each recipe. Albeit it is from fruit or dates…it is still adding to your overall sugar intake for the day. It’s a shame she doesn’t add this little tidbit to each recipe so the user can decide if the amount is worth it. For example the Pineapple Maca recipe, I glanced at how much sugar 2 cups of pineapple would have and it was around 36 grams!!! That’s way too much sugar!! Your daily recommended limit of sugar is between 23-27 grams depending on female/male. You’ve already surpassed your daily amount in own smoothie!! Yikes! Like I said I have her book and I love the recipes. I just wish she included this very important information with each smoothy so that the user can decide which are safe. I’m trying to cut my sugar cravings and I don’t think a lot of these recipes help with that.

    1. I can understand your concern Colleen, Thanks for chimming in. Smoothies can be loaded with sugar if you are using only fruits + fruit juice as your liquid base. I typically will listen to sources I trust, but most of all listen to my own body and what I put into it makes me feel. 🙂 If you are concerned with sugar intake, I have this post about how to make low sugar smoothie recipes, How to make low sugar healthy smoothie recipes.

  2. Ingredients with a purpose! If it’s going in you, it better be doing something good is my motto! You truly are what you eat!

  3. Jodi Armstrong

    we mostly follow all of these, however a lot of days we use yogurt in our smoothies. We don’t do much dairy but I like the benefits of the probiotics from the yogurt.

  4. I always used almond, coconut or cashew milk if using milk. Love to add maca powder, flax, chia or hemp seeds. Sometimes add a plant based protein powder.

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