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    • Hey Marikko! The Vitamix Ascent 3300 performs the same as the next generation Vitamix 7500, and the Vitamix Ascent 3500 performs like the Vitamix 750 – the Vitamix Ascent are essentially digital versions of the next generation blenders, with the same 2.2 horsepower motor. Therefore I rate them with the same high ratings. Amazing blenders!

      Similar to Next Generation Vitamix with the low profile compact 64 oz jars, you will need a smaller jar to make small portions – only with the Ascent Series you can only purchase the blending containers that work only on the Ascent Series – which can detect what type of jar you place on the machine

  1. I found your article very informative – as Im looking to purchase a Vita-mix blender – so I was scrolling down —- you seem to have a typo on the price of the “G” series of blenders – you have on the “780”, Reconditioned blender $125.00 —- as I would wish – LOL – for that price I would take 3

  2. Purée feature. I’d love to make very smooth baby food for my 6 month old to enjoy. He’s so excited about food!!!

  3. One of the key features I look for is Variable Speed Control on the blender. Secondly I look for quality and don’t mind paying for it but I expect a warranty greater than 1 year.