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Vitamix Ascent Series Review

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VItamix Ascent Series Review

Disclaimer: The Vitamix A3500 was provided to Blender Babes to test and review, however, all results and opinions are our own.

Vitamix Ascent Series Review

I am really excited for this Vitamix Ascent Series Review, because I get to take a closer look and share with you everything you need to know about these new digital Vitamix blenders.

If you’re here, you have probably been thinking about investing in a professional grade blender. You’d of course be remiss not to consider Vitamix, the industry standard.

I’ve been using and reviewing Vitamix blenders for years and they’ve always delivered top notch results in the kitchen, not to mention all the heavy duty tasks they can perform that your average household blender cannot.

There’s a reason Vitamix machines are trusted to perform in the world’s top restaurant chains.  

But I know that your average household blender doesn’t have the price tag that a Vitamix does, so you’re right to do your due diligence and research before investing in a Vitamix.

I totally believe that old adage “you get what you pay for” - especially when it comes to blenders.

Come to think of it, I’m a believer in most old sayings (except for maybe “a watched pot never boils” - which is just B.S., it totally does.).  

In case you aren't a total #BlenderNerd like me, the Vitamix Ascent Series was released in late December of 2016 and is the top of the line of blenders from Vitamix - the result of their most recent research and development efforts.

If you want to know what Vitamix’s latest and greatest is, this is it.

Use the Table of Contents below to jump to the sections that interest you most. 

Here’s how Vitamix describes the development of their new Ascent Series (from their website):

"Our teams started from scratch when creating the Vitamix Ascent Series machines," said Anthony M. Ciepiel, Vitamix Chief Operating Officer. "We went to our customers and said, 'What are your challenges? How can we make the blending experience better for you?' We then took these findings, combined them with the lessons we've learned in nearly a century of selling high-performance kitchen products, and engineered and designed a high-performance kitchen appliance like no other on the market."

Vitamix Ascent Series A3500 vs A2500

After trying out a Vitamix Ascent A3500 myself, it was clear that this was indeed a machine designed with consumer feedback and user experience in mind.

It combines everything Vitamix owners have come to love - and on top of that, improves upon all aspects of the blending experience, including usability and maintenance. I’ll be getting into the nitty-gritty of all that in this Vitamix Ascent Series review.  

I’ll show you each of the models in the Vitamix Ascent Series and their respective features, and also go into detail on how the Vitamix Ascent compares to older “Legacy” Vitamix models, as well as a comparable option from Blendtec.

COST - Vitamix Ascent Series Review


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I always like to go over cost first to get it out of the way. And so you don't choke later. 😉 Again, you get what you pay for and this IS an investment in your health that will pay for itself...

The Vitamix Ascent Series is comprised of four different models:

Vitamix Ascent Series Review

 Prices are from Left to Right of Image Above                         

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FEATURES - Vitamix Ascent Series Review

The blender world is surprisingly vast, what with its ever-changing landscape of product lines and models with futuristic alpha-numeric names that sound vaguely like they could be droids from Star Wars.

Point is, I know how daunting it can be to navigate your way through it all, especially if you’re a first-time buyer of one of these machines.  

That’s why I like to try to keep things relatively painless - yet thorough, so you can make the best possible decision for yourself and your blending needs.  

Here’s what comes standard on all Vitamix Ascent Series models:

  • The same high-performance blade and 2.2 peak horsepower motor
  • Variable 10-speed control
  • A 64 oz. dishwasher safe container with clear snap-locking lid
  • "Self-Detect" technology, so it knows which container you have on and auto adjusts blending times (more on this a bit later)
  • Count-up timer so you can monitor how long you've been blending to help you achieve your desired texture
  • Pulse feature
  • Sleek, updated look

Okay, now that you have a sense of what to expect regardless of which Vitamix Ascent Series model you choose, here’s a rundown on how the models differ:

Vitamix A2300: The basic Ascent model. Comes with all the standard features listed above. Pulse and Start/Stop is controlled by switches, and the dial in the center controls speed. Note: there are no program settings for this model.

Vitamix A2500: All standard features + 3 program settings (Smoothies, Hot Soups, and Frozen Desserts). Pulse and Start/Stop with switches, control speed with the dial (like the A2300).

Vitamix A3300: All standard features + Touchscreen (which means no switches) + Digital knob controls speed + User-set timer which counts down and automatically shuts off when the blend is complete (think how you use a microwave). Note: no program settings.

Vitamix A3500: The fully loaded Ascent model. All standard features + Touchscreen + Digital speed knob + User-set timer + 5 program settings (Smoothies, Hot Soups, Dips & Spreads, Frozen Desserts, and Self-Cleaning).

That’s it, in a nutshell - but now I’ll go into more detail on all of these features.


The built-in family of timers featured in the Vitamix Ascent Series is inspired by actual suggestions from Vitamix owners.

The standard Digital Timer counts up to display how long you've been blending - this is the sole timer function on the A2300, and a feature on all of the Ascent models.

Beyond the basic A2300, the timer functions get a little fancier.

Here’s how:

The A2500 and A3500 have program settings (for smoothies, frozen desserts, hot soups, etc). When you run a program setting, the timer counts down and the blend automatically shuts off when the program is complete.

PERFORMANCE - Vitamix Ascent Series Review

As mentioned, all four models in the Ascent series feature Vitamix's most powerful motor, which is 2.2 peak horsepower (the same trusted performance as top-of-the-line Next Generation models like the Vitamix Pro 750 and Vitamix 780).

Vitamix Ascent Series

What does this kind of power mean?

I could show you a bunch of charts and graphs, but I’ll skip the technical mumbo jumbo for now and go straight to how this translates in the kitchen because we’re not all #BlenderNerds:


This means you can liquify stems, skins, and even the roughest leaves so you can go ahead and kale yourself to death!

You’ll also be able to blend seeds. Anyone who follows me knows how much I hate berry seeds - smoothies should be smooth! Otherwise you can’t call it a smoothie, am I right? Thank you!

Vitamix Almond Butter Recipe

You can take on all sorts of other heavy-duty tasks, like making your own wholesome nut butters - without the unwanted sugars, fats, or preservatives found in store-bought products.

One of my favorite things about Vitamix motors and blades is that they create enough friction heat to turn cold ingredients into a smooth, steaming hot soup in about 6 minutes.


The motor is powerful enough to grind dry ingredients like coffee, flax and chia seeds, or turn grains into flours!

By the way - although the Vitamix Ascent’s default 64 oz low profile container and blade is more than capable of dry grinding, Vitamix suggests the use of a separately sold “dry goods” container, which uses a different blade more ideal to consistently perform those tasks for the long run.

Vitamix A3500

The A3300 and the A3500 have a programmable timer that allows you set your own time for the blend, and when it counts down to zero it automatically shuts off - like a microwave. 


The touchscreen was first introduced on the Vitamix 780.

When the 780 first came out, some people said that it takes a little getting used to operating - but let’s face it, most of us are more than accustomed to touchscreens by now.

If you think about it, touchscreens make a lot of sense for blenders because they’re much easier to clean - a flat touchscreen surface means no crevices for gunk to build up in.

And just like it was on the Vitamix 780, the touchscreen on the A3300 and A3500 is scratch resistant, which is a nice plus.


Digital program settings also show you the progression of the program. In other words, when you choose a program, the display shows you the timer countdown, as well as which speed it’s on.

Vitamix Ascent A3500 Controls

Although all models in the Vitamix Ascent Series feature the count-up digital timer, the A3300 and the A3500 also offer the convenience of the programmable timer (a la a microwave).

The Vitamix Ascent Series also features bluetooth connectivity, though there is not yet any application for this feature - but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

Vitamix A2000 vs A3000

Vitamix Ascent Controls

Vitamix Ascent A2300 and A2500 do not have a touchscreen and are instead controlled with two switches and a dial, for those who prefer their controls to be more "proprioceptive" - as in, those who like the feeling of flipping physical switches and turning dials. 

The A3300 and A3500 are controlled with the digital touchscreen,  which means you won’t be flipping any switches (other than the on/off power switch located on the side of the base).

The speed, however, is still controlled with a knob - but it differs from the dial on the A2300 and A2500 in that this is a digital knob with no absolute position.

So it turns forever in either direction, and the digital display shows you which speed you’ve selected.

Vitamix Ascent A3500 vs 780

The Vitamix 780 featured a full touchscreen where even variable speed was controlled by a touch slider, but Vitamix learned from their consumer research that people preferred the feel and control of a knob.

And although the knob on the Vitamix Ascent A3500 and A3300 is digital, it’s still haptic in that you can feel very subtle clicks at each speed interval.

Another neat digital feature of the Vitamix Ascent Series is that these blenders automatically reset to the lowest speed after every blend - to prevent you from, say, unknowingly starting at a high speed and getting your smoothie all over your walls in case you haven’t secured the lid plug or something.

Note: I LOVE this - since I have definitely turned my older Vitamix 5200 blender on when it was still on the "high" setting!


Vitamix Ascent Self Detect

The Vitamix Ascent Series smart “Self-Detect” NFC technology reads which container you have on (this means containers for previous Vitamix models without the NFC tag will not work on the Ascent base).

For safety reasons, the Ascent will not even power on without a container properly fixed onto the motor base.

And when using these new “Self-Detect” containers, certain programs will be disabled if the wrong container is used - for example, it will not allow you to do the 5+ minute hot soup program on anything but the 64 oz. container.


Vitamix Ascent Containers

64-oz Low Profile Container with "Self Detect"

The Vitamix Ascent 64 oz low profile container with self detect. This is the container that comes standard with all Vitamix Ascent Series models - it's new and improved, with it’s own litany of nifty features:

Vitamix Ascent 64 oz container
  • Durable, BPA-free "low profile" holding a hefty 64 oz. without being too tall
  • Fully dishwasher safe (Note: C-Series and G-Series Vitamix containers are NOT dishwasher safe)
  • Improved pour with bulged spout to prevent "avalanche" flow
  • Transparent lid to monitor blends without removing lid. Btw I LOVE this compared to the black rubber lid.
  • Lid snaps into place and forms a superior seal that doesn't leak
  • Lid plug also doubles as a measuring cup, which I found handy

48-oz Dry Grains Container with "Self Detect"

Ascent 48 oz dry grains container with self detect. Since it's especially designed for dry grinding, this container is more efficient at making whole grain flours, mixing batters, or kneading thick doughs. 

It works by creating a reverse vortex that pushes dry ingredients away from the blades, which prevents packing. 

Vitamix Ascent 48 oz dry container
  • Durable, BPA-free Eastman Tritan jar and lid holding 48 oz
  • Durable, effective lazer-cut blades made from hardened stainless steel
  • Tamper included to help push ultra-thick, frozen mixtures toward the blades for quicker, easier blends.
  • The same clear lid providing a leak-proof seal
  • Vented lid plug that also acts as a 2-oz measuring cup
  • Lid and jar fully dishwasher safe, or self-clean with a drop of dishwashing liquid and warm water on a 35-second cycle
  • For my thoughts on whether you NEED a Vitamix dry container, see my breakdown of Vitamix containers here.
  • Note that even if you have a dry goods container from an older Vitamix, it is not compatible with the Ascent series as it won’t be recognized by its new “Self Detect” technology.

48-oz Wet Container with "Self Detect"

Ascent 48 oz wet container with self detect provides all the benefits of the standard 64-oz low profile wet container, but allows you to blend medium-sized or smaller batches for you and your family.

Vitamix Ascent 48 oz container
  • Durable, BPA-free Eastman Tritan jar and lid holding 48 oz
  • Durable, effective lazer-cut blades made from hardened stainless steel
  • Tamper included to help push ultra-thick, frozen mixtures toward the blades for quicker, easier blends.
  • The same clear lid providing a leak-proof seal
  • Vented lid plug that also acts as a 2-oz measuring cup
  • Lid and jar fully dishwasher safe, or self-clean with a drop of dishwashing liquid and warm water on a 35-second cycle
  • "Self Detect" technology knows which containers you're using and adjusts blend settings accordingly

Blending Cup Starter Kit

The Ascent blending cup starter kit is perfect for personal sized smoothies on-the-go AND not have to wash extra dishes! Using the special blade attachment, this allows you to blend individual servings directly inside these travel cups. 

Ascent personal blending cup starter kit
  • A set of 2 durable 20-oz cups made from BPA-free Eastman Tritan material
  • Durable, effective lazer-cut blades made from hardened stainless steel
  • Designed to fit easily into cup holders
  • 2 spill-proof lids
  • "Self Detect" technology knows which containers you're using and adjusts blend settings accordingly
  • Lid, cup, and blades all dishwasher safe

Blending Bowl Starter Kit

The Vitamix Ascent blending bowl starter kit is designed to whip up small batches of sauces, dressings, dips, baby food, or smoothie bowls.

Convenient to serve, store, or pack away into lunches on the go. Also idea for chopping things like garlic or onion. 

Vitamix Ascent Bowl Starter Kit
  • A set of 2 durable 8-oz stackable bowls made from BPA-free Eastman Tritan material
  • Durable, effective lazer-cut blades made from hardened stainless steel
  • Stackable
  • 2 spill-proof, stackable lids
  • Lid, cup, and blades all dishwasher safe
  • "Self Detect" technology knows which containers you're using and adjusts blend settings accordingly

COMPARISONS - Vitamix Ascent vs Other Blenders 

Vitamix Ascent vs Legacy

If you’ve read this far, face it - you're kind of a #BlenderNerd, aren’t you. But that's a good thing! 😉

You’re the type of person who wants all the information before investing in a next-level blender. I respect that, my fellow nerd. And thank you for getting my droid joke earlier.

So, to present you with all the information and all your available options, I’m going to run down how the Vitamix Ascent Series compares to other Vitamix models, and even Blendtec.


Vitamix Classic Series blenders consist of the iconic Classic Series and the (formerly newest) Next Generation Series as well as Explorian blenders.

I'm going to start with the a comparison of the Vitamix A2300 vs the Classic Vitamix 5200 standard, then compared to two Vitamix Next Generation models (the Vitamix 750 and 780).

If you're on a mobile device, turn sideways to view tables.

Vitamix Ascent A2300 vs 5200
Vitamix 5200 Standard

Vitamix Ascent A2300

Vitamix 5200 Standard

  • Ascent A2300 Cost: $469
  • 10 year warranty
  • Variable speed dial + pulse
  • Built-in digital timer & wireless technology
  • Clear plastic lid locks and seals better (think the snapping fasteners on Glasslock tupperware)
  • Low-Profile 64-oz container allows the Ascent to stand 3.5 inches shorter at 17" tall.
  • 2.2 peak horsepower
  • Features "Self-Detect" technology which auto detects the container you are using for more optimal cycles and safety
  • Self-Detect containers only compatible with other Ascent Series containers.
  • Currently only available new
  • Vitamix 5200 Standard Cost: $449 (new) and $329 (refurbished)
  • 7 year warranty (new) & 5 year warranty (refurbished)
  • Analog variable speed dial + high/low
  • Black rubber lid with opaque lid plug
  • Tall 64-oz container is 3 inches taller than an Ascent Series model at 20.5" tall.
  • Ranges from 2 to 2.2 peak horsepower
  • Classic standard models compatible Legacy 32 oz & 48 oz wet jars, and 32 oz dry goods jar.
  • Refurbished models available at lower cost


Vitamix Ascent A2500
Vitamix 750 Professional

Vitamix Ascent A2500

Vitamix 750 Professional

  • ​Variable speed dial + pulse
  • 3 Pre-programmed settings (Smoothies, Hot Soup, and Frozen Desserts)
  • 64 oz low profile jar with clear lid. Compatible only with self detect Ascent jars
  • Features "Self-Detect" technology which auto detects the container you are using for more optimal cycles and safety
  • 1/4" shorter than Vitamix Pro 750
  • Vitamix 750 Pro Cost: $599 (new) and $519 (refurbished)
  • 7 year warranty (new) & 5 year warranty (refurbished)
  • 2.2 peak horsepower
  • Analog variable speed dial + pulse
  • 5 Pre-programmed settings (Smoothies, Hot Soups, Frozen Desserts, Purées, and Self-Cleaning)
  • 64 oz low profile container. Compatible with Legacy 48 oz & 32 oz wet jar, and 32 oz dry goods jar.

VITAMIX ASCENT A3500 VS 780 (Next Generation)

Vitamix Ascent A3500
Vitamix 780

Vitamix Ascent A3500

Vitamix 780

  • ​Ascent A3500 Cost: $649
  • 10-year warranty
  • 2.2 peak horsepower
  • Digital variable speed dial
  • Touchscreen pulse
  • 5 Touchscreen pre-programmed settings (Smoothies, Hot Soups, Dips & Spreads, Frozen Desserts, and Self-Cleaning)
  • Touchscreen pulse + variable speed touch slider
  • 5 Touchscreen pre-programmed settings (Smoothies, Hot Soups, Dips & Spreads, Frozen Desserts, and Self-Cleaning)

If you’d like to get more in-depth on the Vitamix Next Generation G-series, check out my comparison review of the Vitamix 780 vs 750.  


Here, I specifically compare the Vitamix A3500 to a comparable competitor, the Blendtec Designer 625:

Vitamix Ascent vs Blendtec

Vitamix Ascent A3500

Blendtec Designer 675

  • ​Ascent A3500 Cost: $649
  • 2.2 peak horsepower motor
  • 5 Touchscreen pre-programmed settings (Smoothies, Hot Soups, Dips & Spreads, Frozen Desserts, and Self-Cleaning)
  • 10 variable speed dial
  • 10-year warranty
  • ​Vitamix comes with a patented tamper which helps blend very thick mixtures like nut butters or frozen yogurt
  • 64 oz low profile jar with clear lid. Compatible only with self detect Ascent jars.
  • 5 semi-sharp blades - better for "chopping"
  • Though Ascent can grind dry goods in the default 64-oz wet container, they recommend using a separate dry goods container
  • All Vitamix Ascent Series come with a nice hardbound cookbook full of recipes smoothies, Desserts, Spreads, Dips, and Soups
  • Blendtec 675 Cost: $579
  • 3.0 peak horsepower motor
  • 5 Touchscreen pre-programmed settings (Smoothie, Frozen Treats, Whole Juice, Hot Soup, and Clean)
  • 6 speed capacitive touch slider
  • 8-year warranty
  • No tamper. Twister Jar needed for thick mixtures.
  • 90 oz Wildside Jar - best jar for whole food juicing.
  • 1 blunt blade - great for pulverizing not best at "chopping"
  • Blendtec does not require a seperate dry goods jar/blade
  • May be slightly easier to clean by hand due to its square-shape and dull blades
  • Almost 1-inch shorter at 15.5" tall
  • No cookbook (Vitamix has always done great recipe books but I think Blendtec falls short in this area)

POWER - Vitamix Ascent vs Blendtec

Vitamix Ascent vs Blendtec

*A note about horsepower in blenders:

Although Blendtec’s Designer Series advertises a higher peak horsepower than the Vitamix, the actual operating horsepower of the Vitamix is about the same as the Blendtec.


Well, “peak” horsepower specifically refers to the power generated by the motor when met with resistance - for example, the instant the motor begins spinning.

But fractions of a second after this initial torque boost, the motor goes down to its actual operating horsepower - about 2 horsepower for the Vitamix, and the same for the Blendtec.

So power rating is important, but it only tells part of the story. For example, Blendtecs ostensibly have more to benefit from any additional initial torque because of its very dull blade design, while Vitamix blades are sharper.

Either way, 2+ horsepower makes for a very powerful, professional-grade blender - at least twice (if not multiple times) as powerful as your “regular” blender.

CLEANING - Vitamix Ascent Blenders

The Vitamix Ascent is very easy to clean - it actually cleans itself.

Just like with all Vitamix models, you just fill it up halfway and add a drop of soap and run it on high for at least 30 seconds.

That said, my Vitamix A3500 has a program setting just for cleaning, which is convenient.

The flat scratch-free touchscreen on the A3300 and A3500 is a cinch to wipe off - and as I mentioned before, no levers and switches means less cracks and crevices for food to get inside.

The whole unit seems to be designed to keep leaks away from the motor base, which is ever so slightly more sloped than the surface of motor bases I’m used to seeing on Vitamix machines, which means errant liquids will flow away from the motor.

Liquids and food leaking into the motor base is one of the primary reasons inferior blenders will fail over time.  

There's even a little hood over the on/off switch on the side of the Vitamix Ascent, to prevent liquids from even dripping into those crevices. They seem to have thought of everything!

Oh, and don’t forget that the Vitamix Ascent containers are dishwasher safe.

LOOKS - Vitamix Ascent Series Review

When it comes to blenders, we’re mostly concerned with performance and usability. That said, we still care about looks. I mean, let's not kid ourselves.

Vitamix Ascent Colors

The Vitamix Ascent Series features all-new styling - sleek edges and curves, with a logo on the front and back of the unit, so it looks presentable at all angles on a kitchen island.

Plus, the brushed steel adds a timeless classy touch. Excess cord can be wrapped underneath the unit and out of sight.

Vitamix Ascent 3300

The design of the Vitamix Ascent Series is modern, but also classic in a way that you can tell will endure decor trends. I actually think it looks sexy.

Can a blender be sexy? I don’t know, but this one definitely is.

Vitamix Ascent 3500 Colors

*A3500 Graphite Metal (exclusive to and Macy's).

NOISE - Vitamix Ascent Series Review

Although no studies have been conducted on the noise level of the Vitamix Ascent Series of blenders, I found the Vitamix Ascent Series was slightly quieter than the Next Generation Series, which also has a 2.2 peak HP motor. This matches some peoples report that the Ascent blenders seem a bit quieter.

I measured the decibel level on the Vitamix A3500 vs 750 running at top speed.

Vitamix Ascent Noise


The Vitamix Ascent Series boasts an industry-leading 10-year warranty on parts and performance.

Also it's important to note that Vitamix pays for return shipping both ways under warranty - NO OTHER blender company I know does that. Says a lot about the quality and craftsmanship of their blenders.

10 years is the longest standard warranty Vitamix offers on any of their products, so you know they’re really standing behind the Ascent Series.

Getting an Ascent Series blender means you could potentially benefit from all of Vitamix’s upcoming products and accessories, which will be designed specifically for the Ascent Series.

This is because the Ascent Series will be Vitamix’s main platform moving forward, so if you choose to invest in one of these models, it means you’re investing in the future of Vitamix.


Now that I’ve gone over everything there is to know about in this Vitamix Ascent Series review, hopefully you now have the confidence to make an informed decision.  

Time for a smoothie. 🙂

Note: The winner of our Vitamix Ascent Giveaway is... Jessica R!

Slim Down Secret
Tarashaun Hausner
Tarashaun Hausner
Tarashaun Hausner is the Founder and CEO of Blender Babes. A former roadshow representative for a leading blender company, Tarashaun started Blender Babes in 2012 after discovering how instrumental a high-powered blender was in getting her personal health back on track. Physically and emotionally transformed from her journey back to health, Tarashaun vowed to help others find wellness. She is committed to thoroughly test and review the best blenders and healthy lifestyle products on the market to help her community make the best choices for themselves and family. Tarashaun offers several free resources to help people use their blender to get healthy including a 7 Day Superfood Smoothie Challenge. Blender Babes has also negotiated special deals and offers for products they love most.

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