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Which Vitamix Container is Best (Plus Whether You Need The Vitamix Dry Container!)

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Which Vitamix Container is Best?

It's hard to decide which Vitamix container is best for all of your needs, and as they continue to expand their already rich assortment of blender containers, I constantly get asked the following questions.

  • Which Vitamix container is best for smoothies or peanut butter or ice cream?
  • Which Vitamix container is compatible with which models?
  • Do I need the Vitamix dry container?
  • Do I need an additional Vitamix container and if so which one?

For this reason, I've decided to answer these questions and review each Vitamix container, explain their purpose and then provide our expert "Blender Babes" recommendations. 🙂 

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Vitamix Container Lineup

The most notable piece of equipment for most blenders is the container, for it has the blades and holds the finished product. Blade design varies, depending on purpose, as does jar size and even base size.

While interchangeability is usually a desired trait, Vitamix does not have a "one size fits all" approach so I wanted to make clear which Vitamix container fits with which models.

The Vitamix lineup of containers varies from single-serving personal containers to the 64oz low profile jar. It's worth noting that these polar end products are not interchangeable, as the motor is built for different volume needs.

Also noteworthy is whether the motor base of your blender is a part of the Vitamix Smart System or not. So, before we jump into the different types of Vitamix containers, let's take a look at what Vitamix's Smart System blenders and their SELF-DETECT features are all about.

Vitamix Containers with SELF-DETECT

SELF-DETECT Technology is how Vitamix takes much of the guesswork out of your blending adventures.

A Vitamix Smart System (Ascent and Venturist) machine with this inbuilt technology automatically detects the size of the container you have placed on it. It will self adjust its pre-programmed settings, blend times, and other features to match the container.

A Smart System machine will also disable features and programs that are not suitable for the container being used – like disabling the hot soup program (for safety reasons) when an 8-oz or 20-oz container is fitted to it.

It's also a matter of safety why the SELF-DETECT technology will automatically shut off your blender after 1:15 minutes of blending if those smaller containers are used because they are not designed with vented lids.

Remember, too:

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  • While many full-size containers with the SELF-DETECT logo are compatible with Classic Series blenders, you'll only have access to their SELF-DETECT features when using them on Smart System blenders.
  • Due to the SELF-DETECT technology used in the Ascent and Venturist Series, you cannot use any container on their motor bases other than those made for Smart System machines.
  • Vitamix Classic containers are not designed with SELF-DETECT technology and are actually an outright physical mismatch for Smart System motor bases - the two are just not designed to fit together.

On the point of fit, it is also good to keep in mind...

Physical fit does not always lead to operational fit. For example, Classic containers will fit on Space Saving (S-Series) motor bases but these machines will not work with these containers attached. Another example is the 8-oz Blending Bowl of the Ascent Series. Even though it does fit onto Space Saving (S-Series) motor bases, it will not work with these machines. 

Here's an overview of the Vitamix container lineup:

Vitamix Containers

Vitamix Container Options and Which Containers are Compatible With Which Models:

All SELF-DETECT containers and accessories are only compatible with Smart System Vitamix Blenders, which currently include the Ascent Series and Venturist V1200.

  • Vitamix Stainless Steel 48 oz container - I looooove this jar!! It's compatible with every, single full-sized Vitamix blender! Blending in stainless steel keeps items cold and warm and not blending in plastic is desired by many. 
  • Vitamix 64 oz Tall Standard container – the original Vitamix 64 oz container, this tall jar with 3 inch base totals 20.4″ tall. Does not fit under most kitchen cabinets. Should only be used on C-Series models with a 2 peak horsepower motor.
  • Vitamix 64 oz Low Profile container  – newly designed compact 64oz container with 4 inch base that totals 17.4" tall on base. Fits under most kitchen cabinets. Fits all Vitamix G-Series models and Vitamix C-Series models with 2.2 horsepower motor* (Vitamix 5300 and 6500) as well as the Vitamix Explorian E320
  • Vitamix 64 oz Low Profile container with SELF-DETECT – this is also a shorter 64-oz container that makes the unit (container plus base) 17" tall, allowing it to fit under most kitchen cabinets. Plus, it has an improved spout and transparent lid which locks in place. This container can be used on all full-size Smart System and Legacy models. You just won't be able to access its SELF-DETECT features when using it with a Legacy blender.
  • Vitamix 48 oz container with SELF-DETECT – has the same features as the 64 oz container but is designed for small to medium-sized blends. It can be used with all Smart System Vitamix blenders.
  • Vitamix 48 oz color container with SELF-DETECT – colorful Vitamix containers give you the chance to express your style while blending and are as practical as they are stylish. For example, having containers of different colors could help you avoid cross-contamination, such as in cases where perhaps someone in the family has an allergy to a certain ingredient. This container is only compatible with Smart System blenders. 
  • Vitamix 48 oz Dry Grains Container with SELF-DETECT – this container has specially engineered blades to perfectly grind dry ingredients, such as grains. Its blades create a reverse vortex that helps to push the ingredients out and grind evenly. Only compatible with Smart System Vitamix blenders.
  • Vitamix Blending 20 oz Cup and 8 oz Bowl with SELF-DETECT – these are take along and small portion containers that are only compatible with Smart System blenders. The blade base is removable and the containers come with securely closing lids. They can be used to make smoothies, dips, juices, spreads, salad dressings, baby food, and more. They are sold in a set that includes one cup, one bowl, and a blade base - but you can buy additional cups.
  • The Aer Disc container with SELF DETECT - It can be used to whip, emulsify, muddle, and foam ingredients. It is compatible with all of Vitamix's full-size Classic and Smart System blenders. In fact, Vitamix offers a bundle that includes its Classic 7500 blender with both the 64-oz Low-Profile Container and the Aer Disc Container.
  • Vitamix 12-cup Food Processor Attachment with SELF-DETECT – this long-awaited attachment turns your Vitamix blender into a high-performance food processor. Its multi-use blade can be used to mix, mince, knead, and chop ingredients. It comes with two additional discs - one for fine shredding or thin slicing and the other for coarser shreds and thicker slices. It is ONLY compatible with Smart System blenders.
  • Vitamix 48 oz Compact Container – For small to medium sized batches with a 3 inch base. Is 17.4” tall on base - fits all Vitamix models other than Smart System.
  • Vitamix 32 oz Container – smallest jar option. Most recommended additional jar!  - Fits all full sized Vitamix blenders other than Smart System Vitamix.
  • Vitamix 32 oz Dry Container – made especially for grinding. Great if you plan to do A LOT of grinding - Fits all full sized Vitamix blenders other than Smart System Vitamix.
  • Vitamix 20 oz Travel/Personal Cup Adaptor - This turns your Vitamix into a personal blend and go blender! A great addition to any Vitamix owners arsenal - not compatible with Smart System blenders. 
  • Vitamix 20 oz Travel Container – Vitamix travel container. For all Vitamix lovers!

NOTE: Sometimes I find Vitamix Containers on Amazon for less $$.


Each Vitamix container (except the travel cup) comes with its own perfectly sized tamper.

Vitamix Tamper in UseVitamix Tamper in Use

Certain types of tough ingredients and thicker and/or complex recipes will almost always require use of the Tamper to begin circulating into the blades properly.

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That said the low profile Vitamix 64 oz container with a wider 4 inch base may require less tamping with certain blends.

Yet the low profile Vitamix 64 oz container can't do smaller portions. More on that below.

Which Vitamix Container Should You Get?

So, if you're planning to purchase a Vitamix, which jar should you get for it?

Stop! Sorry if you answered that. If you don't have a Vitamix yet, you really should research which vitamix to buy FIRST and purchase the model and features that are best based on your needs.

In other words, don't get a blender for your container, get a container for your blender.

If you already own a Vitamix or not, you may wonder which additional jars are necessary from all the products above. Let's begin by deciding whether you need the Vitamix dry container.

Do You Need the Vitamix Dry Container?

The short answer? Probably not.

There are only two dry jars. One is the 32 oz size for C-Series and G-Series blenders. The other is the 48 oz jar with SELF-DETECT for Smart System blenders.

The Vitamix dry containers are designed specifically to grind grains into flour and to mix batter.

The blades on these containers are different from the wet jars and are designed to push grains away from the blades, thus limiting material packing at the bottom of the container.

The Vitamix dry container blade design is also engineered to prepare dough by simulating the kneading process.

In comparison, wet jars, which come in three sizes, 64 oz, 32 oz and 48 oz - are engineered to pull your ingredients into the blades, thus aiding in the liquefying process.

So does this mean you can't make flour or mix batter in a wet jar, thus justifying the purchase of a Vitamix dry container?

Fortunately, in our testing and experience, we have had no issues creating flour or mixing batter in our wet jars.

You can see our results grinding popcorn into cornmeal with the vitamix wet jar vs dry jar here.

It is therefore our "Blender Babes" recommendation that unless you plan on grinding grains A LOT, the Vitamix dry container isn't worth it.

The jar that comes with your Vitamix purchase will serve the purpose of occasional grinding needs just fine.


If your Vitamix container blade ever gets dull over time... you can send the jar to Vitamix and they will sharpen it! Another fist pump for the stellar Vitamix customer service. 😉

Vitamix 64 oz Container - 3 Inch vs 4 Inch Base

The compact, low profile 64 oz container features a larger 4 inch base vs the conventional 3 inch base of the tall Vitamix 64 oz standard container.

Vitamix Explorian 3 inch vs 4 inch blades

The wider base helps facilitate "chopping" and is more efficient for blends such as smoothies due to its wider design.

Due to the wider design, the jar is also shorter, measuring in at 10.1 inches high. This is several inches shorter than the 64 oz conventional "tall" jar. This shorter design is therefore easier to store under your kitchen cabinet.

However, the drawback to this is that it requires more volume to work properly.

For this reason, single-serving smoothies or small amounts of items such as peanut butter, ice cream, and sauces are difficult to make, as the volume is not sufficient and can get packed under the blade due to the larger base.

In contrast, the tall Vitamix 64 oz standard container with 3 inch base does not have a problem with single-serving and smaller volume needs.

However, the 3 inch base also does not do as well a job of "chopping" your materials and the taller size makes them harder to store, especially if you keep your jar on top of your blender.

Which Vitamix 64 oz Container is better

Vitamix 64 oz Container Comparison:

Vitamix 64oz Container Tall Standard
  • Has a 3 inch wide base
  • It can make all desired types of recipes
  • It's more narrow than the low profile Vitamix 4 inch wide base, making it possible to process small, medium and large batches (i.e. no need to purchase an additional, smaller Vitamix container.
  • Too tall to fit under most kitchen cabinets
  • Not as easy to clean by hand due to more narrow base and tall jar in the sink
Vitamix 64oz Container Low Profile
  • Has a 4 inch wide base
  • Can make all desired types of recipes BUT can't make small portions (under 2 cups) or single servings of smoothies, peanut butter or ice cream
  • May consider getting an additional jar (the 32oz container is my recommendation)
  • Easier to make certain types of recipes (such as bread dough)
  • Can fit under most kitchen cabinets
  • Easier to clean by hand

Vitamix 64 oz Container vs Vitamix 32 oz Container Blend Off

In order to demonstrate the volume necessary when blending with the Vitamix 64 oz container (low profile), my friend Lenny and I decided to have a little fun by comparing the amount required by this container vs the smallest Vitamix 32 oz container making ice cream... aka strawberry banana "nice cream".

We began with 1/2 a banana and 1 strawberry and continued to add, in these same increments, frozen fruit with NO LIQUID to these jars, using the tamper to press the ingredients into the blade.

We added and processed until we had successful, thick Vitamix ice cream.

As demonstrated, the wider low profile 64 oz jar had difficulty achieving a single-serving with the same amount of frozen fruit as the 32 oz jar.

It took 2.5 times more ingredients to be able to process properly.


If you have not yet purchased a Vitamix, begin by first determining which model is best for YOU with our comprehensive "which vitamix to buy review".

Then decide which additional Vitamix container(s) will meet your needs.

Personally I recommend the Vitamix 32 oz container (wet not dry) as the #1 only other jar you need if the Legacy or Classic Vitamix model you want comes with a low profile Vitamix 64 oz container.

If you decide on a Smart System Vitamix, then a Vitamix 48 oz container with Self Detect is the #1 only other jar you need.

That said, if the model you want comes with the tall Vitamix 64 oz container you might not need an additional jar at all!

The jars obviously enhance your product, but they should not be the deciding factor.

I hope you enjoyed this Vitamix Container Review! If you have any questions let me know in the comments! 🙂 xo ~ Tarashaun

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14 thoughts on “Which Vitamix Container is Best (Plus Whether You Need The Vitamix Dry Container!)”

  1. hi hello and thank you for all the info…i ordered and received my blender however, im a senior with arthritis in my hand and the wright of the 64 oz blender is too heavy and bigger than i need for myself.. for reasons of health i need to eat lots of green daily and soothers and soups will help a lot to reach my daily the 48 lighter?
    i think it’s the base of the container that needs to be lighter….i love the blender itself, but what container would be lightest for 3200 series?
    thank you very much

    1. The 48oz is definitely lighter! And it’s a great size to make smoothies or soup as well. Hope you get it while it’s on sale!

  2. Any chance you have a video that shows comparisons between the 32oz and the 48oz container? I understand the base and blades are the same and the only difference is the height and width of the container going up. I currently have the 64oz and it is way to big for protein ice cream I make even though I add water. Looking for the right size to make about 3 small bowls of protein ice cream. I usually use 2 scoops of protein powder, 1/2 or 1 frozen banana, water some ice and cacao sometimes spinach. I eat one bowl and put the other 2 in the freezer. wondering if the 32 would be enough for this or if the 48 oz might be better? thank you

    1. Blender Babes

      Hi Cheri! I don’t have a video of the 32oz vs 48oz container, however I think you can get what you need with the 32oz and be able to make smaller portions that the 48oz can provide, including with the recipe you indicated. 🙂 It’s always my recommended additional container to get if you have a 64 oz compact container and want to make small portions. Keep me posted how it goes! Happy Blending ~ Tarashaun

  3. Dolly Hamilton

    Yes, I learned a few things. I didn’t know there was a 32 oz wet AND dry container. I also decided I don’t need a 64oz container. I think that a 48 oz container would suit my needs, and then add a 32 oz wet container maybe(?). Still on the fence with that since I have a nutribullet that I really like but just a tad small. When I first saw the compact 64 oz container I thought it would be nice to have, but seeing that it doesn’t do smaller batches very well I realized that it would not be a good buy. . I have been reviewing the different vitamix options for a couple months and glad I didn’t jump the gun. I thought I knew what I wanted a few times but then changed my mind after further “research”. Thank you for your info and recommendations.

  4. Hi, I currently have the low profile container but am having trouble making baby food with it because you need such large quantities. Which is the best jug I can buy that will make the smallest quantity of baby food?
    I have the Vitamin Professional series 750.

    1. Blender Babe Jassmine

      Hi, Kristina! Thanks for reaching out!

      Great question! The best container for you to make baby food in small quantities would be the 32 oz wet jar container. Here is a link to the jar.

      Also, remember us our promo code (06-007974) at checkout to receive free shipping. Forward your confirmation email to to receive their free gifts.

      Happy Blending XOXO

  5. Hi There – do you know if the 48 oz ascent series containers are as narrow as the 32 oz? I’m trying to decide between the G750 and an Ascent but definitely need to be able to do small batches and single smoothies. Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Caroline! The 48 oz containers for either the Ascent or the Legacy Vitamix blenders is not as narrow as the 32 oz container. The 48 oz can definitely handle single smoothies! However for small batches it would depend how small you’re talking. For tiny batches the 32oz would handle it better, such as a single serving of salad dressing. But for regular small batches the 48 oz should be just fine. I do like the Ascent Series blenders because I love high tech stuff, however the Vitamix 750 can do everything with all the classic features plus the 5 automatic settings you should be set! Plus it has a less expensive refurbished Vitamix 750 option (next generation with programs) that’s tough to beat! Hope that helps. 🙂 Remember you get free shipping + exclusive free gifts to help you get started for purchasing using the links from my website. Excited for you and your new blender! Warm Hugs ~ Tarashaun

  6. Understanding the differences in Vitamix models and various containers better than previous for which I am grateful to you. Regardless of a specific model Vitamix is a fantastic appliance.Thank you for sharing your knowledge and I am a fan.

  7. Great article. Very informative. We have a 64 oz tall jar( standard) , but now I m contemplating if I need a 32 oz jar. I want to make baby food, and small quantities of purees for my Indian food, which are not liquidy but rather thick in consistency. Do you think that 32 oz wet jar will be beneficial for my above mentioned needs? Many thanks

    1. Hi, Sim! If you have the tall 64 oz standard jar, it can blend single servings because it has 3 inch wide blades. You should be fine making baby food and small quantities of purees with the container you currently have. The 64 oz low profile, however, can’t blend single serving because it has a really wide blade extending 4 inches. You would need at least 2 cups of ingredients for that blender.

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