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Vitamix A3500 Baker’s Bundle


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A Vitamix A3500 bundled additional 48-ounce dry grains container to grind fresh grains for your favorite recipes, and underblade scraper to get every last drop of your mixes and batters, while fitting easily under most kitchen cabinets.

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Vitamix A3500 Baker’s Bundle

The Vitamix Ascent® Series A3500 Baker’s Bundle makes it easy to whip up bread, scones, muffins, and more completely from scratch. Five program settings (for Smoothies, Hot Soups, Dips & Spreads, Frozen Desserts, and Self-Cleaning) automatically adjust to the container size you’ve selected, process your recipes, and stop the blender when complete. The included 48 oz Dry Grains Container is designed to grind whole grains into fresh flours, mix batter, and simulate the kneading process to prepare dough for baking. Also includes an underblade scraper to get every last drop of your batters and mixes. The standard 64 oz container is perfect for just about everything else, including smoothies, soups, dips, dressings, frozen desserts and more.

Features Included:

Program Settings
Five program settings ensure walk-away convenience and consistent result.

Touch Interface
Touchscreen controls give the machine a sleek silhouette and are easily wiped clean.

You’re In Control
Variable Speed Control and Pulse feature let you fine-tune the texture of any recipe.

Self-Detect® Technology
Wireless connectivity will allow your blender to evolve, while interlock technology prevents the machine from operating if the lid or container is not secure.

Programmable Timer
A built-in timer helps avoid over- or under-processing your custom recipes. Set the timer to the length of your blend, and it will turn the machine off automatically.


Product Specifications

Series: Ascent
Dimensions:20.32cm x 27.94cm x 43.18cm
HP: 2.3
Electrical Ratings: 10 V or 220-240 V (Voltage varies depending on country of origin), 50-60 Hz, 1200-1400 W10-12

Weight: 18 lb 3-ounce
Cord: 4 ft
Use: Household
Manufacturer: Vitamix – Cleveland, Ohio USA


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