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Best Supplements

Blender Babes is committed in finding the best health body supplements in the market and that’s worth sharing to our community.

Rootz Nutrition Review Paleo Protein Powder

Rootz Nutrition Review: Paleo Protein + Energy Superfood Powders + 20% Promo Code

Healthy Gift Guide

Blender Babes Healthy Gift Guide

Super Foods to Boost Immune System and Reduce Stress

11 Best SUPER Foods to Boost Immune System & Reduce Stress

5 Best Essential Oils for Smoothies

Probiotics and Mag 07 Review A Colon Detox and Restore Your Digestive Health

Top 6 VEGA Plant-Based Products We LOVE & WHY!

E3Live Benefits by @BlenderBabes

E3Live Benefits – Why You Should Buy This Blue Green Algae SUPERfood

spirulina or e3live fresh frozen algae klamath lake

E3Live Blue Green Algae or Spirulina?