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Anti-Aging Chocolate Face Mask – Another Edible Treat for Your Face

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Store bought anti-aging face masks are so yesterday!

They are expensive, wastefully packaged, full of toxins and chemicals and often don’t work. As a true blue DIY’er, I, of course, choose to go the homemade route, even when it comes to my anti-aging.

My mama always said age wasn’t the kind of battle you wanted to procrastinate fighting.

With that in mind, I’m going to share a very amazing and natural anti-aging face mask recipe that you can whip up in almost any blender.

Of course, having a high powered blender makes it extra smooth, like we want our faces to be.

This one is another tasty face mask because who doesn’t like eating their skin care products? Like my Strawberry Facial Sorbet, this anti-aging mask is safe for your face AND for your tummy! Plus it’s one for all you chocoholics out there!

anti aging chocolate edible facial fask maskMade from just four simple ingredients – avocado, raw cacao/chocolate powder, matcha green tea, and unsweetened almond milk, this natural face mask effectively turns back time for your skin.

  • Avocados are an oasis of Omega 3’s because they are made from 85% essential fatty acids. Shockingly water-dense, they offer much-needed moisture for your skin and neutralize free radical damage thanks to all the vitamin E and antioxidants.
  • Raw cacao (yum) in its purest form is an antioxidant-rich, carcinogen killing powerhouse. It also helps balance our hormones and pH which can wreak havoc on your face when they get out of control.
  • Matcha green tea is an exotic blend of Japanese green tea that packs more punch than its mainstream counterpart. Full of polyphenols, it can iron out wrinkles, tone down fine lines and reduce inflammation.
  • Unsweetened almond milk (make your own) is one of my favorite non-dairy alternatives. It is great for keeping you hydrated and its vitamin E content helps reverse sun damaged skin.

This mask is perfect for all skin types because instead of harsh, drying ingredients it contains nourishing, healthy ingredients.

Can’t help yourself from licking the bowl clean? The antioxidants are just as effective for your insides as they are your outside. Just chill it in the fridge for a few minutes and enjoy! Num num!

Anti-Aging Chocolate Face Mask - Another Edible Treat for Your Face - Recipe by @BlenderBabes

Be sure to join our community for more healthy blender recipes including natural face masks! And if you try this mask at home, make sure to share your thoughts with us by rating it in the comments section below. 

RECIPE: Chocolate Anti-Aging Natural Face Mask – Another Edible Treat for Your Face

AUTHOR: Sabrina Taylor
YIELDS: 3/4 cups

1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk (learn how to make your own)
1 ripe avocado
3 tablespoons raw cacao
1 teaspoon matcha green tea

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1. Place all ingredients into your blender jar.
2. If thick, add 2 to 3 tablespoons of water (starting with 2 – add more if needed) and blend from low to high until smooth (about 30 seconds). Note: with a regular blender blend on high for 30-60 seconds or until everything is a smooth, even consistency.
3. Apply the mixture to clean, damp skin, leaving on for approximately 20-30 minutes before rinsing.
4. Follow with a moisturizer of choice, and use leftovers in your next smoothie (really, why not?)!
5. All done! Enjoy!! Now take a photo, rate it, and share your accomplishments! 🙂 Be sure to tag @BlenderBabes & #BlenderBabes

When used as a face mask it is suitable for all skin types. It is also Vegan. As a snack, it is a healthier alternative to the usual chocolate pudding!


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Sabrina Taylor
Sabrina Taylor
Sabrina is a gym rat, jet-setting, beauty blogger with a flare for creating DIY's like How To Spice Up Your Skincare! To stay in the loop, follow her on Twitter or Like her on Facebook

8 thoughts on “Anti-Aging Chocolate Face Mask – Another Edible Treat for Your Face”

  1. Helen Walker Howell

    We are using your recipe for our girl scout spa party and just debating how many young girl's face one batch will cover? 🙂

  2. Hi Helen! It definitely makes more than one, but unless you do it again within a few days you might want to do it once and eat the rest 😉 Let us know how it goes!

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