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Daily Harvest Smoothie Review – A Delivery Service You Need to Try + Coupon Code

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Daily Harvest Review 2020 Coupon Code by @BlenderBabes

Get up to $65 OFF the price of your 1st box with our April 2024 Daily Harvest Promo Code “BlenderBabes3” rather than breaking it down the discount over 3 boxes.  🙂 

Updated April 1st 2024

In this Daily Harvest Review I’m going to walk you through my experience, cost, options and how it works so you can decide if it’s something you would like to try.


I think one of the biggest struggles we all face in trying to eat and live healthier is time.

As a mom and a solo-preneur, there are days (weeks, even!) when it’s hard for me to meal plan, grocery shop, cook, or exercise.

Owning a high-speed blender certainly makes a difference because I can always fire up my blender to prepare a smoothie, a soup, a whole foods juice and many other quick and healthy blender-friendly options.

While having a powerful blender (such as a Blendtec or Vitamix) is a major convenience and a must-have in my eyes, there is still some prep work time involved.

First you have to select the ingredients and then you’ll need time to prepare them. (FYI…more preparation time is required with a regular/low power blender. That means more chopping and/or peeling.)

It may not seem like it, but deciding which ingredients to use in your smoothies is a pretty big deal.

Daily Harvest Coupon Code by @BlenderBabes

If you’re new to blending, you may not be aware that some fruits and veggies that taste great on their own may not be very palatable when blended with other fruits and vegetables.

Blendtec Promo Code

Another thing to keep in mind is caloric content.

Taste-wise you may think the smoothies you’re making are on Jamba Juice’s level. But they could also be calorie-laden just like many of the smoothies on Jamba Juice’s menu!

If losing or maintaining weight is your goal, you may discover after a few weeks of drinking your homemade, calorie-packed smoothies, that you’ve  gained weight. Yikes!

Daily Harvest is one of the products I use where I don’t have to worry about anything or even DO much.

free superfood smoothie challenge

Most importantly, it helps me keep my health and eating habits on track now that my schedule is filled with keeping a child fed and happy while also running Blender Babes from home.

What I found with Daily Harvest, is you’ll always get the right mix of ingredients – THAT TASTE AMAZING, thanks to chef created recipes – and are ready to blend or eat so you can have a healthy meal fast.

For those of us who can’t afford to waste time, this kind of convenience is a godsend!


Daily Harvest What to GetDaily Harvest initially offered a variety of pre-packaged smoothies but they’ve expanded their line to include tons of amazing ways to make your life easier and healthier!


Eat them hot or cold. They’re are nutrient-dense, savory and have the perfect yum-factor.

Harvest bowls

A savory on-the-go snack containing vegetables and grains. They can be used as a side dish or used as the base for a larger meal like a stir fry or grain bowl.


Each latte comes with 3 single serve portions in each cup and are boosted with energizing superfoods so you’ll have laser-sharp focus to tackle your busy day. Serve how you like yours — hot or over ice.

Overnight oats aka activated bowls

Healthy, gluten-free rolled oats made with farm-frozen, organic fruit and superfoods that’s super easy to prepare. Just add water or your milk of choice. Soak overnight in the fridge to grab-and-go in the morning OR put it in the microwave or a saucepan the day of if you have a little more time.

Chia parfaits

Yummy chia seed treats filled with superfoods that will keep your energy levels up to par throughout the day.

Flatbreads (New!)

Quick and easy light lunch or dinner or a super filling snack. Plant-based (of course!) with gluten-free crusts. LOVING these when my busy clients and I don’t have time to meal prep lunch!

Here’s a quick video of me trying the NEW flatbreads recently.

Scoops (New!)

Omg omg omg! ICE CREAM! That’s dairy-free and gluten-free without fake fillers, gums, or refined sugars. YES PLEASE!


Ok so I found Daily Harvest waaaaay back when they first started and only had smoothies. After thinking “I wish I had done that, hahahha” I talked to the owner and I got a free box to try out and I was HOOKED! Every since then I still order their smoothies to make my life easier, but now they are sooooo much more than just smoothies.

Daily Harvest Ingredients List

What’s so amazing about all of Daily Harvest’s selections is that they’re each developed by a nutritionist.

For example for the smoothies, you’ll get between 40 to 200 calories per serving (2 servings per container).

Their combinations are also overseen by a real chef, which is very apparent because everything I’ve tried from has been ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!

The ingredients may include various superfoods such as seeds, hemp, matcha, camu camu, and acerola. I love this because you can try new superfoods and ingredients to help you decide if you’d like to invest in a package of one.

The ingredients are whole organic foods that are unrefined and not laden with preservatives.

Ingredients and nutrition info is listed on each package as well as the website – so you can easily avoid any food allergies or least favorite ingredients. 🙂


Your Daily Harvest price varies depending on the size of your box and how often you get it.

You will choose from small (9 items), medium (14 items) or large (24 items) box per delivery.

You can also choose to have them delivered either weekly or monthly.

There’s no locked in commitment required AND it’s really quite flexible – you can skip a delivery or cancel anytime you wish.

Daily Harvest Plan Options

Each Daily Harvest item costs $7.54 for a 9 item box, $7.49 for a 14 item box, and down to $7.32 for a 24 item box!

You also receive FREE SHIPPING.

Please Note: You can receive up to $65 OFF the price of your first box with promo code “BlenderBabes3” rather than breaking down the discount over multiple boxes.

This is a bargain considering how much you may spend on organic fruits and veggies.

When you include the time you spend trying to come up with exciting smoothie recipes, shopping, prepping and cleaning your mess in the kitchen, I think you’ll agree that the cost for Daily Harvest’s easy smoothies, breakfast bowls and soups delivery service is money well spent.

Once you’ve made your choices, your smoothie and superfood cups will be delivered to your doorstep free of charge. They ship to your door on dry ice so it stays frozen, which is perfect if you’re at work or running errands when it arrives.

Something else I really loved?

The packaging is 100% recyclable! Eco-conscious and green is something I always look for from brands that I buy from. 🙂

Daily Harvest currently delivers nationwide to 95% of the contiguous USA! To see if you’re in their delivery zone, click “Get Started” on their homepage and enter your zip code and email address. If they don’t currently deliver to your region, they’re working on it!


Once you get your order, you just need to put it in your freezer and you can blend any package anytime you wish. It’s especially convenient in the morning when everyone’s rushing to get to work or go to school.

For smoothies, just add a liquid base (I LOVE vanilla coconut milk or homemade milk), blend, pour back into the cup and GO!

Daily Harvest Smoothies 2020 Coupon Code by @BlenderBabes
Note: I was still breastfeeding here so please excuse my beautifully full breasts! xo ~ Tarashaun

Since these smoothies and superfood cups come in their own packages, you can even bring them to the office – or what I’ve done is quickly blend and add to my Blender Bottle or mason jar to take on the go.


I loved this delivery service so much and feel the value of this service is so great, that Blender Babes has partnered with Daily Harvest! Remember – Receive up to $65 OFF the price of your 1st box with our April 2024 Daily Harvest Promo Code “BlenderBabes3“! 🙂

Daily Harvest Coupon CodeDaily Harvest perfectly matches the Blender Babes commitment in spreading the word about the amazing benefits of good blenders and nutritious smoothies.

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Tarashaun Hausner is the Founder and CEO of Blender Babes, an innovative multimedia company striving to help people lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. A former roadshow representative for a leading blender company, Tarashaun founded Blender Babes in 2012 after discovering how instrumental a high-powered blender was in getting her personal health back on track. Physically and emotionally transformed from her journey back to health, Tarashaun vowed to help others find wellness. She is committed to thoroughly test and review the best blenders and healthy lifestyle products on the market to help her community make the best choices for themselves and family. Tarashaun offers several free resources to help people use their blender to get healthy including a 7 Day Superfood Smoothie Challenge. Blender Babes has also negotiated special deals and offers for products they love most.

16 thoughts on “Daily Harvest Smoothie Review – A Delivery Service You Need to Try + Coupon Code”

  1. Jeannine carpenter

    I am concerned about your product. I have a permanent Trac and feeding tube. I am only drink water or anything as thin a water. Due to breast cancer. I am in remission! But have radiation induced poisoning, which caused narrowing of my trac. I take Jevity for my food source, which I take through my stomach tube slowly. I am so hungry for food. I need something on the side. The chemo and radiation effected my taste buds extremely! I am looking for something that I can keep down. Your smoothies looks so good. This will be a trail to see if I can keep it it down. I do have other medical issues. I will talk later. My doctor told me to experiment to find something I can keep down. I do not want to gain weight,just maintain. I am allergic to nuts. Please respond when you get a chance.

    1. Hello Jeannine, thank you for sharing that with me and I am so sorry you are going through so much. I hope that I can help!  I reviewed Daily Harvest and have tried most of their smoothies. Some are thinner than others. The thick one I remember is the chocolate and avocado version.  If you need smoothies to be as thin as water you will need a very good power blender in order to pulverize ingredients. You also want to blend your smoothies with more liquid. I recommend a minimum of 2 cups of liquid. Since you might need more calories use a milk substitute or coconut water rather than plain spring water.

    1. Hey Valerie! I’ve had a couple of them (soup, chia pudding and the lattes) in my freezer for several months before and they were fine when I finally used them. I would say at least 3 months. 🙂 I hope that helps! ~Tarashaun

  2. Which blender (under $150) do you suggest for the Daily Harvest smoothies? I had a small “ninja”-like blender and the nuts weren’t getting chopped well. Thanks for any suggestions.

    1. Hi Kim! I have a guide of my recommended best blenders for smoothies (and more!) by budget. There are several under $150. If you want to do more than make smoothies I suggest the Harley Pasternak Blender or the Nutribullet Rx (or the new Nutribullet Blender combo is good too!)

  3. I have a question, is there any particular combination of the Daily Harvest to eat? I love smoothies so I can easily drink 3 smoothies day, but I don’t see any calorie content provided. Is it best to have a smoothie for breakfast, soup for lunch, chia bowl for dinner. I am trying to decide whether to order and what blender to provide. I am a travel nurse so I need something sturdy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated in making a decision one way or the other 🙂

    1. Hi Susie! You could do 3 smoothies and just mix it up a little- fruit for breakfast, detox for lunch and green smoothie for dinner! It’s whatever you prefer 🙂 Your suggestions sound great as well! Have you checked out the blenders on our site yet?!

      <3. -BlenderBabe Ty

  4. The ones I liked, I loved!! Some aren’t to my taste, but I have had a long history of processed food and don’t don’t have the best palate. My healthy eating friend, who gets my “not favorites” LOVES the ones I give her.

  5. Mercedes T. Pistole

    My Grandson gave me the gift of Daily Harvest blender “Smoothies” what a delicious gift. If any credits are given, give them to him.

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