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A Blendtec Wildside Jar That Fits on Vitamix Blenders?! YES! Introducing The REBEL Jar

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I know, it’s hard to believe it until you SEE it. But yes, Vitamix owners can now purchase the popular and powerful Blendtec Wildside Jar – and use it on all Vitamix models made in the last 20 years!! Why? Because Blendtec wants everyone to have a safe, plunger-free blending experience.  As some of you probably know, Vitamix recently announced another blender recall because their blades were breaking and posed a laceration hazard.  Blendtec responded by creating a Vitamix-friendly version of their Wildside Jar that is a proven, safe solution.  The blade is 80% thicker and ten times stronger than the Vitamix blades sold today.

Blendtec Wildside Rebel Jar vs Vitamix Comparison Review by @BlenderBabes


There are TWO Wildside jars that Blendtec made to fit Vitamix models made since 1993, theWildside Rebel Jar and the Wildside XR Jar.  The Wildside REBEL Jar comes with the hardened metal drive socket which will REPLACE the Vitamix plastic metal drive socket. TheWildside XR Jar comes with a shaft that will fit on the Vitamix plastic drive socket without modification.

Depending on your needs, you may or may not want the metal drive socket which will replace Vitamix’s plastic metal drive socket.

Wildside XR Jar: By keeping the Vitamix plastic drive socket in place, you can interchangeably use your Vitamix Jar(s) and your new XR Jar.

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Wildside Rebel Jar: If you install the metal drive socket that comes with the Wildside Rebel Jar, you will ONLY be able to use your new Wildside Rebel Jar with your Vitamix. This will provide a quality blending experience and you won’t need to worry about the Vitamix plastic drive socket breaking. This means you can’t use your Vitamix dry jar if you have it, however the Blendtec Wildside Rebel Jar can blend your dry goods (minimum 2 cups). If you don’t usually blend very small quantities or if you are a commercial location – the Wildside Rebel Jar is definitely the way to go.

What you get with the Wildside (Rebel or XR) Jar made for your Vitamix

Designed for Wet & Dry Blending

Blendtec Jars are made to do everything in one jar. You can make ice cream, hot soup, smoothies AND grind your dry goods, making your own flours and grinding seeds such as flax. You will need to grind a minimum of 2 cups in the Wildside Rebel or XR jars. If you own the Vitamix dry goods jar and you get the Wildside XR jar (see note below), you can still grind smaller amounts as needed.

No Plunger or Tamper Required

Every Vitamix blender comes with a patented tamper, to assist in blending solid and whole (uncut) foods without stopping the blender by pushing it through the removable chute in the lid. With the patented Wildside Rebel or XR Jar, no plunger is required to push food into the blade because the 5th side creates a superior blending vortex that automatically flows the ingredients back into the blade.

Fits Under Most Kitchen Cabinets

The Wildside Rebel Jar & Wildside XR Jar will make the height of a standard Vitamix blender smaller. For example, using a Vitamix 5200 the height of the blender with the WildSide Container is 16 ¼” (without lid) 16 ½” (with lid) which will fit under most residential cabinets vs the 21.5 inches from the typical standard Vitamix jar.

Powerful 4” Stainless Steel Dull Safety Blade

The patented single 4 inch DULL blade on the Wildside Jars will pulverize almost anything you put in it’s way (Will It Blend comes to mind here!). This blade is 80% thicker and 10 times stronger than competitors’ blade. It is also fixed to the jar and blunt instead of sharp, making it the safest blade in the world to use, and the easiest to clean! (BLENDER BABES LOVE THIS!!!) This single blade design is by far the best for clean up as well as for complete removal of all blended product. NO MORE leaving hard to reach food behind or worrying about cutting yourself on the blade!! HOORAY!!

BPA Free AND Dishwasher Safe

The Wildside Rebel & Wildside XR Jars are made of durable BPA-free copolyester material that stands up to heavy use and abuse!! We have dropped ours multiple times – and used it for a variety of non-blending uses even! 😉 What’s even BETTER, is it’s dishwasher safe. That’s right, you can give it a thorough deep cleaning and toss it in the dishwasher from time to time – another huge plus in comparison to Vitamix jars.

NSF Certified

The Wildside Rebel & Wildside XR Jars are approved and certified by the NSF and can be used in commercial locations.

Made in the USA

The Wildside Rebel & Wildside XR Jars are MADE IN THE USA!! And PROUD OF IT! 🙂

Hardened Metal Drive Socket with Lifetime Warranty (Rebel Jar ONLY!)

Hardened metal is used instead of plastic to create a drive socket that never needs to be replaced, ensuring years of safe, trouble-free blending. Other blender brands use plastic drive sockets that are built to break when their thin  blades are pushed to the breaking point. The Blendtec Wildside Rebel Jar comes with this metal drive socket (the Wildside XR Jar does not, see note below). Blendtec is also giving a lifetime warranty on their drive socket.

♥ Who Should Be A Rebel Jar or XR Jar Owning Blender Babe ♥

♥ You purchased a Vitamix blender model sometime between 1993 and today
♥ You are interested in plunger free blending
♥ You want the safest, easy to clean jar on the market
You are a commercial location and want to upgrade to a plunger free 96oz jar that’s proven to blend a smoothie in 14 seconds and is known to not have any problems


When Blendtec’s Wildside Jar first came out, blender enthusiasts everywhere were pumping their fists at this latest innovation. Not having to plunge ingredients into the blade combined with the Wildside Jar’s ability to blend things easier and faster – it’s no wonder Vitamix created a jar like this and then lost a patent infringement lawsuit because of itNow YOU the consumer can have the best of both worlds! Blender Babes LOVES the Rebel Jar – and we know you will too!

What Do You Think About This? Let Me Know In The Comments!

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Tarashaun Hausner is the Founder and CEO of Blender Babes, an innovative multimedia company striving to help people lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. A former roadshow representative for a leading blender company, Tarashaun founded Blender Babes in 2012 after discovering how instrumental a high-powered blender was in getting her personal health back on track. Physically and emotionally transformed from her journey back to health, Tarashaun vowed to help others find wellness. She is committed to thoroughly test and review the best blenders and healthy lifestyle products on the market to help her community make the best choices for themselves and family. Tarashaun offers several free resources to help people use their blender to get healthy including a 7 Day Superfood Smoothie Challenge. Blender Babes has also negotiated special deals and offers for products they love most.

17 thoughts on “A Blendtec Wildside Jar That Fits on Vitamix Blenders?! YES! Introducing The REBEL Jar”

  1. FYI, there is only one model for the Vitamix now (as of 11/2020), it’s the Wildside Rebel+ which does not need you to replace the socket drive on the Vitamix to work, it will work out-of-the box.

    1. That’s a good question Jay, you’ll have to call and ask Blendtec if they sell just the drive socket because it’s not on their website.

  2. I had a blendtec for which I had purchased a Wildside Jar. Then the motor went so I purchased a vitamix (from you!). Can I just use that jar on my Vitamix? Can I just get the drive socket or is this jar specific to the vitamix?


    1. Blender Babes

      Hi Jay! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT! 🙂 The Wildside Rebel or XR jar is specifically made for the Vitamix, however I did use the drive socket and use a regular wildside jar by accident on a Vitamix and it seemed to work fine… however I wouldn’t recommend it long term. I prefer the XR over the Rebel jar, b/c then you can still use your Vitamix jar interchangeably. Hope that helps! Happy Blending!

    1. Yes it does now, when we shot this video however it did not. We love that these companies are always improving their blenders! 🙂

  3. Neither of the two Wildside jars mentioned in this article are available for purchase by clicking on the links provided. Do you have updated information from Blendtec regarding their WS jars that fit the Vitamix base?


    1. Hi Lucille and WELCOME! I keep checking and click on this links and they take us to the Blendtec page to purchase. Perhaps they are limiting these pages to only USA and CANADA buyers. Are you outside of these countries? If that’s the issue they may not be available for purchase outside of the US/CAN.

      1. Hello … I should have been more clear in my message. The links work for me. When I click on the link it takes me to the Blentec web site. However, right under the posted price is a message (for Rebel Jar “This item is temporarily unavailable for purchase” and for the XR Jar the message reads “This item has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale”). So I was wondering if Blentec has a different offering of a jar that fits the Vitamix base and/or will they be offering either of the two jars mentioned above anytime soon?

        Thanks so much for replying to my message. There are many of my messages out there in cyberspace that remain unanswered. Very much appreciated !!

        1. Hi Lucille! Sorry for the delay getting back to you, we had to bring this up with Blendtec! They were out of stock which was why it was listed that way, but have just recently added more of each jar to their inventory – so you the links should work now and you should be able to purchase whichever jar would work best for your needs (We prefer the XR jar so it’s interchangeable with our other vitamix jars. The Rebel is more permanent). Thanks so much for reach out to us! HAPPY BLENDING! ~BB

  4. Blendtec is doing a horrible job of promoting this item. I found it on Amazon. Then looked for videos. Blendtecs site is hard to find things. I love the Vitmix Base (Much better IMHO than Blentec), but the Vitamix Jars are a pain in the A)) to clean. What to do, what to do. Rakes are neat, but I’d rather see some real foods blended.

    1. Thanks Justin!! We will definitely do some video blending foods using the Wildside Jar on a Vitamix for our community members!! 🙂 Appreciate the feedback!

      1. Thanks. I’ve seen 2 videos on Youtube. And these seem to work pretty well. Neither of those reviews showed the gear mechanism. I’m also a bit concerned about the stability and fit with the rubber base. The Vitamix has a counter weight of sorts. Blendtec is not selling these directly online. And I’ve only seen 1 or 2 place to buy from (But they seem like not really viable for me as I don’t trust most of the fly by night sites and would prefer to buy direct). Anyways. Your direct link doesn’ t allow me to buy it either because Blendtec says to “Call” and if I do that no one will get credit. So it’s kind of cheating you. I believe you should get credit as you’ve done the work and your site is informative and easy to find. I’ll check back over the course of the next week or two and see if this changes. Thanks. You can delete this and send me an affiliate link direct if you have one that work.

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