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The Beauty Detox Series

Eat, nourish, and discover ways to transform your body, discover true joy, and get the body you’ve always wanted! By Kimberly Snyder

See our recipes from Kimberly Snyder’s Books:
Fat Burning Raw Key Lime Pie
Asparagus and Leek Soup
Probiotic and Enzyme Salad
Low Sugar Agua Fresca
Creamy Dijon Tahini Dressing
Red Pepper and Cilantro Dressing
Omega 3 Flax Dressing
Glowing Green Smoothie
Sweet Basil Lime Dressing

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See our Review of The Beauty Detox Solution.

Kimberly Snyder is now the author of 3 books in her Beauty Detox Series:

The Beauty Detox Solution
The Beauty Detox Foods
The Beauty Detox Power

In her bestselling book, The Beauty Detox Solution, Kimberly Snyder—one of Hollywood’s top celebrity nutritionists and beauty experts—shared the groundbreaking program that keeps her A-list clientele in red-carpet shape.

In The Beauty Detox Foods you can get the star treatment with this guide to the top 50 beauty foods that will make you more beautiful from the inside out. Stop wasting your money on fancy, expensive beauty products and get real results, while spending less at your neighborhood grocery.

The Beauty Detox Power is filled with revolutionary advice, inspiring personal stories, and powerful tips and tools. Embrace your true power to create your best body, beauty and life.


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