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Refurbished Blendtec Deals + FREE SHIPPING & GIFTS

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Blendtec is one of the most renowned blender companies. Founded by Tom Dickson back in 1975, Blendtec sells both commercial and residential blenders all over the globe. Blendtec also sells refurbished blenders that are certified and provide at least three years of warranty on its performance. 

Other than refurbished blenders, Blendtec comes in the classic series, designer series, pro series, and comes with a set of jars, and accessories. Blender Babes is one of the most dedicated and renowned authorities to help you choose the best Blendtec model for your needs. 

Commercial blenders can be expensive, and most of us are not prepared to break our banks for it. Blender Babes offer cost-efficient refurbished Blendtec blenders for customers who would like the performance of a commercial blender but at a low cost. They have a large community where you can experience the world of blenders and participate in yearly blender challenges programs.

Comparison Table

Blendtec Total Blender classic

Blendtec Classic 575 Blender

Blendtec vs Vitamix Review

Blendtec Designer 625 Blender

Blendtec Designer 725 Blender

Blendtec Professional 800 Blender

Six pre-programmed cycles.

Pulse button.

Touchpad interface.

3 years warranty.

Four pre-programmed cycles.

Five incremental speeds+ Pulse.

Touchpad interface.

3 years warranty.

Four pre-programmed cycles.

6-speed capacitive touch slider + Pulse

Illuminated display indicates remaining blend time

3.8 peak horsepower motor.

Six pre-programmed cycles.

100-speed capacitive touch slider + Pulse

3.8 peak horsepower motor.

Six pre-programmed cycles.

11-speed manual touch slider+pulse.

3 years warranty.

4.3 out of 5

4.5 out of 5

3.9 out of 5

4.3 out of 5

4.2 out of 5






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Why Should You Consider Buying Refurbished Blender?

Here are some good reasons to choose refurbished blenders over others.-

1. Cost-efficient

Refurbished blenders are high-quality blenders with a less expensive price tag. So, it saves you a lot of money and makes for a perfect gift for you, your friends and family.

2. Looks like Brand New

Refurbished blenders from high-end brands like Blendtec look identical to the brand new ones. Just like the brand new ones, refurbished Blendtec blenders will not have any scratches, dings, dents, or other imperfections.. 

3. Works like New

Refurbished blenders are not just repolished to make it just look new. Brands like Blendtec examine its motor and inspect all other components for smooth functionality in its refurbishing process. If any component functions less than it should, they will replace the components during reassembly. So, you get the most functional blender at an affordable price.

4. Comes with a brand new jar

Refurbished blenders like Blendtec blenders offer brand new jars with purchase. Not just the jars either, they will also include brand new blades and lids in every package. 

5. Same Customer Service

Reputable blender companies like Blendtech will not skimp out on customer service for their refurbished blender customers. Companies like Blendtec provide the same support and literature with refurbished blenders as they do with the new units. 

6. Warranty

If you had any doubt in your mind about the durability and performance of a refurbished blender, don’t worry - there is a warranty! Blendtec is so confident in their refurbished blenders, that they offer three years of warranty with the purchase of any of their refurbished blender models. .

Refurbished blender Vs. New Blender

Refurbished vs new

Refurbished Blenders

New Blenders


Motor is the most expensive and important part of your blender. The motor is indistinguishable from the brand new one.

All new blenders are quiet and smooth. It passes all specific testing and the motor is expected to serve for the long run.


Though rare, it is not unusual to find scratches or dings in some refurbished units. Besides, not all units are the same. You can check before buying.

It's all new and fresh. No real chances of scratches or dents.


It depends on brands. If you choose high-end brands like Blendtec refurbished blenders, then they will offer a risk-free three-year warranty

All new blenders are risk-free. Even if you find a manufacturer's defect then the warranty will cover it.


It costs 40% less than brand new ones.

New blenders are expensive.


Brands like Blendtec offer three years of warranty.

New blenders offer five to eight years of warranty. Some offer a decade of assurance on their motor.

Blendtec Refurbished Blender Process

What goes on in the making of Blendtec refurbished blender? Let’s dive deep to explore the Blendtec refurbished blender process.


First and foremost, they inspect all components, including the motor. All parts must be in a condition to run their warranty standard of three years. Other than that, they examine any cosmetic flaws; importantly, the housing rubber is thoroughly inspected.


After a thorough inspection, items are sorted for replacement. All electronics must comply with industry safety standards. Companies like Blendtec replace the control panel with a new touchpad. All control panel buttons are tested. Important buttons like speed buttons and preprogrammed cycle buttons are retested.

In the case of blender housing, they inspect the rubber feet, and if required, they replace them. For power cord- if it is worn out, then they replace it for the best of safety. Once all safety and quality standards are satisfied, they reassemble the unit in the factor.

Final Packaging

After all the hard work of reassembly, they pack it for the final shipment. Each package contains support literature, a new jar, new blades, new lids, and refurbished blender bases.

What to Look for When Buying a Refurbished Blendtec Blender 

Before you buy a refurbished Blendtec blender, you must look for a few criteria to choose the best model for you.

Motor Power

Different models of blenders have different motor power. The motor is the quality determining criteria of a blender. High motor power allows more programs and better speed in blending. How long the blender will last depends on the quality of its motor. 

Pre-programmed Cycle

The pre-programmed cycle makes meal prep a breeze. You can choose salsa, smoothie, soup, or whole food juice with just one click. There are models with six pre-programs cycles and four pre-programmed cycles. So, make sure you checked the review carefully. 

Speed- Capacitive Touch Slider

Speed-Capacitive touch slider differs among models. The capacitive touch slider allows the user to tune a particular speed for a blender. You can slide your finger to your right for more speed and left to slow down the speed. Refurbished Blendtec blenders can have 6 to 100-speed capacitive touch sliders. You will also find models with 5 to 10 incremental manual speed control.

LED Touchscreen

Not all Blendtec refurbished blenders have LED touch screens. Models like designer series 625 and designer series 725 have this feature. On the other hand, models like Blendtec Total Blender Classic and Blendtec Classic 575 have illuminated LCD timers. That displays remaining time on blends.

Warranty and Colors

All Blendtec refurbished blenders have three years of warranty. In the case of colors, it differs in various models. So, check the product review carefully if you are choosy about colors.

Best Refurbished Blendtec Blenders Recommended for You

Blendtec offers four different models of Certified Reconditioned Blenders. Other than that, they launched one model of brand new blender at a refurbished price. Let's dive deep to get an in-depth knowledge of these product reviews. 

This blender is easy to operate with six pre-programmed cycles and ten-speed manual control. You can pre-program ice crush, smoothie, soup, salsa, ice cream, or even whole juice with its easy one-touch blending cycle.

The unit has a 3.0 peak horsepower motor and an LCD to indicate blend time. Because of its thick stainless steel blade, it is easy to clean with hot water and soap. 

To add more, this model includes a four-sided BPA-free modern jug. Besides, it has 32 ounces of blending capacity for both wet and dry food items. That is big enough to serve 3 to 4 servings of beverages. 

This model has three different colors and offers a cord that is nearly three feet long. About its electric ratings- it uses 1560 watts, 120 volts, 13 amp, 50 to 60 Hz. The unit is so good that it can warm your soup with the friction of its blades in less than six minutes. Importantly, Blendtec offers three years of warranty on this.  

What we love about it

This model is easy to operate and clean. You have options to choose from three different colors, and its large capacity is convenient.  



1. Pre-programmed settings save time.

1. No cord storage.

2. Dishwasher safe.

2. Noisy during use.

3. Ten incremental manual speed.

4. Three different colors.

5. Three years warranty.


Blendtec Classic 575 comes with a solid design that is constructed with a trial copolyester jar and cold-forged wingtip blades. Its one-touch button offers four pre-programmed cycles with five incremented speeds. Not only that but also it comes with an auto shut-off feature. Also, it has an LCD to show the blending cycle's remaining time.

Its 90 ounces volume jar is 100% BPA-free and blends 36 ounces of dry or wet ingredients with ease. The large size also allows for a family of five to be served with one single cycle. This refurbished blender has three different colors to choose from- black, white, and poppy red.

This model is also easy to clean. Just add mild dish soap and warm water and turn the clean button. You can clean it in less than a minute. Similar to the total blender classic model, it uses a 3.0 horsepower motor, 1560 watts, 120 volts, 13 amp, 50-60 HZ, and a cord measuring 34 inches long. Lastly, similar to all refurbished Blendtec blender models, it offers three years of warranty.

What we love about it

It is simple and easy to clean. Pre-programmed settings with five different speeds made the gadget user-friendly. Three attractive colors and three years of warranty make it a preferable one. 



1. Four pre-programmed settings with five different speeds.

1. Not very good for chopping tasks.

2. Auto-shutoff.

3. Digital touchpad controls.

4. Three different colors.

5. Three years warranty.


If you want to adjust the texture of ingredients in a recipe, then this is the unit to do it. It has four pre-programmed cycles, pulse, and six-speed touch sliders to customize the speed you need. Similar to others, its LCD display informs you about the cycle time remaining.

Unlike others, it has internal baffling to cut motor noise. The touch screen control makes it easy to operate, and you can clean the unit with a dishcloth. Or else, you can use hot soapy water for a couple of minutes to clean its jar after every use.

This blender does not require any chopping preparations before blending. Both the Wildside and its jar are BPA-free. And, you can blend 4 to 6 servings of beverages with its 36 ounces high blending capacity. Its stainless steel forged blades are ten times stronger than other blender blades.

About electric ratings- it requires 120 volts, 1560 watt, 13 amp, 50-60 Hz, and includes a three feet long cord with it. This refurbished model has one color only and offers three years of warranty with purchase.

What we love about it

It is a dishwasher-safe large volume single touch refurbished blender. It does not require chopping before blending and has internal baffling to reduce motor noise. A strong stainless steel blade and quick operation make it a really good choice.



1. Six-speed touch sliders.

1. Only one color is available.

2. Touch screen control panel.

2. The jar does not have a spout, so pouring can be difficult.

3. Dishwasher safe.

4. No chopping preparation required.

5. Reduced motor noise.


6. Three years of warranty.


This is the smartest of all refurbished blenders. It has six pre-programmed cycles with smart blend technology. Its smart blend technology can sense and identify any problems that interfere with the blending. There could be loading errors or air pockets during blending. So, it finds the problem and reports it to the user to fix them.

Unlike other models, this has two different size jars with different blending capacities. Both of them are 100% BPA-free. The large jar can blend 36 ounces while the smaller twisted jar blends 16 ounces of wet and dry items at a time. 

This smart blender has a 100-speed capacitive touch slider for the most precise blending option. Other than that, it contains graphic OLED with four different languages- English, Spanish, German, and French to display cycle details. 

This blender has self-cleaning pre-programmed cycles, and you can clean the touchscreen by simply wiping. Importantly, this blender has an internal sound baffling to reduce its motor noise. About electric ratings, it is a bit higher in power with 1800 watts, 120 volts, 15 amp, 50 -60 Hz with regular three feet cord. It offers only one color- the stainless steel outlook and three years warranty like other refurbished models. 

What we love about it

This blender has a wide range of speed variants with smart blend technology. It can autocorrect any problems during blending. Two different jars and internal sound baffling make it a top choice. You will also love its high-power motor functions for the finest blending. Of course, the three-year warranty is always a great feature. 



1.Extremely powerful motor for quick blending.

1. This refurbished blender is more expensive than other Blendtec refurbished models.

2.Both automatic and manual pulse for multiple settings.

2. It is a bit noisy when it works at full speed.

3. 100-speed capacitive touch slider.

4. Two different jars for different uses.

5. Three years of warranty.


Blendtec have introduced a new model of brand new blender at a refurbished price !!!

Blendtec Professional 800 Blender

This is a brand new blender that is cost-efficient, just like refurbished ones. It is ten times more powerful and has 80% thicker blades than other blenders. It has six pre-program cycles, including a self-cleaning option. 

This model uses a 3.8 peak horsepower motor for the fastest blending. Other than that, it has an 11-speed manual touch slider and pulse. The unit comes with a one-touch interface and LCD countdown timer for easy and consistent blending.

Both Wildside and jar are completely BPA-free. You can blend at least 36 ounces of wet or dry items with its high blending capacity. It also uses the Blendtec sound enclosure technique to make it noise-free during blending. 

The gadget comes with a 101 recipe guide for smoothies, soups, juices, and much more, and it provides an additional twisted jar for all multiple operations. Last but not least, Blendtec professional 800 blenders offer ten years of warranty with every purchase. 

What we love about it

Its high-power motor and 11-speed touch slider make blending more accurate. Also, its sound enclosure techniques eliminate noise during blending. Blendtec provides a complete recipe guide and additional twisted jar for easy cooking. Ten years of warranty makes it worth its price.



1. 3.8 Peak horsepower motor.

1. Large base occupies more space.

2. 11 different speeds with touch slider.

2. It is more expensive than other refurbished models.

3. One-touch interface with an LCD countdown timer.

4. Blending 101 recipe guide.

5. Ten years warranty.


Benefits of Purchasing Through Blender Babes

Why would you buy a refurbished Blendtec blender at Blender Babes? Well, Blender Babes is a certified brand dealer that offers a good number of benefits in a purchase. The benefits include-

1. Free Shipping

If you buy through Blender Babes, then you will receive free shipping of the product. You have to use the Blendtec promo code “BBGIFT” for this free shipment purpose. This makes the ordering and shipping process hassle-free for you.

2. Exclusive Gift

Blender Babes provide exclusive gifts on both refurbished and new Blendtec blender models. All you need is to send a confirmation email to freegift@blenderbabes.com to claim your gift. The gift is worth about 75 dollars!

3. Compare and Save Money

Blender Babes have a good collection of refurbished blenders. That, too, with in-depth detailed product descriptions. So, you can compare the blender and choose the best one for you while saving you a lot of money.

4. Amazing Payment Plan

Unlike many retail outlets, Blender Babes offer a great convenient payment plan to buy a refurbished blender. You can choose three months, six months, or even twelve-month payment plans. 

5. Premium Support

You may have questions about blenders and recipes, even after purchasing. If you buy your blender from Blender Babes, then experts like Tarashaun Hausner will give your premium support. Blender babes answer all specific questions and solve any issues for you.

How to Purchase Through Blender Babes

It is easy to purchase blenders here at Blender Babes. All you need is to check the reviews and make a decision about which one to buy. Click the buy option. It will redirect you to its Affiliate e-commerce site.

Then use the credit card and buy it online. Once you are done with the purchase, send an email to freegift@blenderbabes.com to claim all benefits from Blender Babes

Blendtec Warranty

Though all refurbished blenders offer three years of warranty, you have to know how to claim it when needed. Also, it is important to know about Blendtec terms and conditions to get your Warranty.

How to claim my Warranty

If your gadget is not working as it should within 3 years of purchasing, then you can get a replacement for it. Go to the Blendtec website’s warranty page and click on the red button written: “start your claim.” This will get you to the form. Fill the form and wait for a few days for the company response. 

Key Features of Warranty Terms and Conditions

-Check the date of purchase.

-Warranty applies only to products sold by Blendtec or its authorized dealers.

- Accidental damage, product abuse, product tampering, use of other brand accessories, modified units, used for commercial tasks are excluded from the Blendtec warranty assurance.

-You must show proof of the original purchase.

-Return Authorization number (RAN) to a Blendtec service representative.

-You have to ship to the address provided by the Blendtec service representative. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does a refurbished Blendtec blender last?

A: Though refurbished Blendtec has three years of warranty, regular use with proper care can make your blender last for more than 5 years without issue.

Q: Can you blend hot liquids in Blendtec?

A: As there is no ventilation it would be better not to try hot liquids for long. You can try mildly warm liquids. Make sure you don’t blend more than 90 seconds. This can generate extra heat in ingredients.

Q: Do you need any additional jars?

A: No, it is not necessary. However, additional jars can help you in your recipes.

Q: Can Blendtec replace the Food Processor?

A: Yes, Blendtec blenders are high-quality gadgets and can be used for any typical blender task.

Q: Can you chop Vegetables in Blendtec?

A: Blendtec blenders can chop any vegetables. These blenders have sharp stainless steel blades to chop almost everything. So, yes, you can chop onions with ease.

Final Verdict

Blendtec Blenders are famous for their quality. You will find all renowned restaurants like Starbucks, McDonald's, and others using these blenders. Besides, refurbished blenders are not substandard by any means. You will get the high-end quality at an affordable price. Indeed, refurbished blenders might not last as long as brand new, but three years of warranty is comprehensive when it comes to quality.

Instead of buying cheaper lower quality blenders, a better option is to go for the refurbished quality brands. Quality counts big when it comes to comfort and service. Try the best-refurbished Blendtec blenders. Surely, you won't regret this investment. 

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