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Refurbished Blendtec Deals + FREE SHIPPING & GIFTS

Ready to use your blender to create easy and delicious meals, snacks, smoothies, condiments, cocktails and treats? On sale for 73% off LIMITED TIME OFFER!

Blendtec now offers 4 options for Certified Reconditioned Blenders!!
Blender Babes recommends all of them, especially the cost effective and feature rich Total Blendtec Classic for $279



Blender Babes is dedicated to helping our community decide which blender model is the BEST choice for you, your family, and your wallet. The #1 reason why people do not (or cannot!) purchase a commercial blender such as a Blendtec, is because they are NOT cheap blenders!! We understand that $400 to $649 is out of many people’s price range. This is why Blender Babes recommends Refurbished Blendtec blenders because they are the MOST COST EFFICIENT way to get one of these like new blenders, even surpassing the cheapest deals on brand new models found elsewhere! We are going to review the different model offerings from Blendtec.

Benefits of Purchasing Through Blender Babes 🙂

Blender Babes is proud to be an affiliate of many of the healthy lifestyle products we discuss. At no additional cost to you, we earn a small commission for sales made using the links from our website (and many times offer special deals just for our community!). It’s how we keep creating content you love and we are grateful for your support! ♥

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 of less expensive refurbished Blendtec models** available! See below for refurbished and Blendtec details with breakdown of features to find what’s best for your needs.

4) PAYMENT PLANS! In addition to FREE SHIPPING + FREE GIFTS you also have ACCESS TO PAYMENT PLANS! Blendtec offers 3, 6, and 12 month payment plans with Financing through AFFIRM at checkout. This is NOT available at other retail outlets!

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** Refurbished Blendtec ships free to the USA and Canada!

Blendtec Deal The Best Blender for Smoothies + FREE SHIPPING & GIFT from @BlenderBabes


First I want to clarify the meaning of the words “refurbished, recertified, certified reconditioned”. It all means the same thing. Basically, these are blenders that have been used during demonstrations, or are returns for whatever reason. Owning a Refurbished Blendtec translates to significant savings over the cost of a brand new Blendtec blender – yet when you receive it you won’t be able to tell the difference!

Just like a pre-owned vehicle, Certified Reconditioned means these blenders have passed inspection and meet the high standards required by Blendtec. All broken or worn parts (including jars & lids) are replaced with new parts. Your blender will arrive literally in sealed like new condition, with a brand new recipe book (Blender Babes staff purchase many for gifts! We have lots of giveaways for them too!) The quality for a refurbished Blendtec blender is superb, and if anything happens down the line refurbished Blendtec blenders come with a full 3 year warranty. Purchase with confidence!


Refurbished Blendtec Review COUPON CODE 4 FREE GIFTS & SHIPPING


Blendtec now offers 4 options for Certified Reconditioned Blenders!! Blender Babes recommends all of them, especially the least expensive Total Blendtec Classic for only $279! Recently Blendtec added 4 new blenders to their certified reconditioned line-up, and completely put to rest the very first Designer Series blender, the Original. This has been replaced with 2 Designer Series options, the Designer 625 and Designer 725. (See our Comprehensive Blendtec Designer Comparison Review Here). We are SO EXCITED they also have a limited supply of Blendtec Professional 800 blenders, which offers  significant savings for buyers that need massive noise reduction.

♦ Note: Certified Refurbished Blendtec are only available in the USA and CANADA.

Refurbished Blendtec Total Blender Classic Only $279

The Blendtec Total Blender Classic has a new price tag of $399, so you will save $120! But guess what – this model is now discontinued and is no longer sold new. Why is it still the top recommended blender by Blender Babes?? Because you are getting MORE FEATURES with just as much power than the newer Classic models such as the Blendtec Classic 560 and Classic 575!

Refurbished Blendtec Review COUPON CODE FREE GIFTS & SHIPPING by @BlenderBabesThe Refurbished Blendtec Total Blender Classic Features:

  • 1560 watt 3.0 peak horsepower motor
  • SIX pre-programmed cycles including Smoothie, Ice Crush, Salsas/Batters, Ice Cream, Whole Juice, and Soup.
  • 10 Incremental Manual Speeds
  • Pulse Button
  • lluminated display indicates remaining blend time
  • Touchpad interface for easy cleaning
  • 3 available colors: White, Black, Red
  • 3-Year Warranty

Note: This blender also comes with their FULL 213 Page Fresh Blends Recipe Book with tons of great recipes & tips for your blender! (All other models only come with Blending 101 – which has only a handful of recipes, since a universal recipe book will not work now with different models all having different pre-programmed settings – if they have them at all – as well as different speeds.)

Refurbished Blendtec Classic 575 Only $319

The Blendtec Classic 575 has a brand new price tag of $399, so you will save $80! This Classic Blendtec unites commercial-grade power with the Original Total Blender Classic features a majority of consumers used most, plus adding a desirable clean cycle. Since Blendtec is arguably the best blender for smoothies, this is DEFINITELY included as one of the 4 Preprogrammed Cycles (Smoothie, 60 & 90 Seconds, and Self Clean). It also has 5 Speed Settings plus a Pulse Control, owning the Blendtec 575 means you can easily make restaurant quality smoothies, whole food juices, and soups right in your own home!

Refurbished Blendtec Review COUPON CODE FREE GIFTS & SHIPPING by @BlenderBabesThe Refurbished Blendtec Classic 575 Features:

  • 1575 watt 3.0 peak horsepower motor
  • 4 Preprogrammed cycles: Smoothie, Clean, 60-seconds, 90-seconds
  • 5 incremental speeds + Pulse
  • Illuminated LCD timer displays remaining time on blends
  • Touchpad interface for easy cleaning
  • 3 available colors: White, Black, Poppy (red)
  • 3-Year Warranty

Refurbished Blendtec Designer Series 625 Only $399

The Blendtec Designer 625 has a brand new price tag of $479, so you will save $80!  features everything you need to create any healthy recipe you desire—and it even looks great doing it! It features a 1,625 Watt, 3 Peak Horsepower Motor, advanced blending technology with easy-to-use functions and a sturdy overall weight.

Refurbished Blendtec Review COUPON CODE FREE GIFTS & SHIPPING by @BlenderBabesThe Refurbished Blendtec Designer 625 Features:

  • 1625 watt 3.0 peak horsepower motor
  • Illuminated, capacitive touch interface
  • 4 Preprogrammed cycles: Smoothie, Ice Cream, Whole Juice, Hot Soup
  • 6-speed capacitive touch slider + Pulse
  • Illuminated display indicates remaining blend time
  • Smooth interface for easy cleaning
  • 1 available color: Black
  • 3-Year Warranty

Refurbished Blendtec Designer Series 725 Only $549

Blendtec considers the Designer 725 has a brand new price tag of $649, so you save $100! it’s most technologically advanced blender. It features a 1,725 Watt, 3.8 Peak Horsepower Motor, which is THE MOST POWERFUL of the Blendtec Designer Series line (and all the power you’ll ever really need!).

With its array of cutting-edge new features, all of which provide the ultimate interactive blending experience, the Blendtec Designer 725 is hands-down Blendtec’s finest home kitchen model… For more info, see our comprehensive Blendtec Designer 725 Review.

Refurbished Blendtec Review COUPON CODE FREE GIFTS & SHIPPING by @BlenderBabesThe Refurbished Blendtec Designer 725 Features:

  • 1725 watt 3.8 peak horsepower motor
  • Illuminated, capacitive touch interface
  • 6 Preprogrammed cycles: Smoothie, Salsa, Ice Cream, Whole Juice, Hot Soup, Clean
  • 100-speed capacitive touch slider
  • Illuminated display indicates remaining blend time
  • Smooth interface for easy cleaning
  • 1 available color: Stainless
  • 3-Year Warranty


What we love most about these less expensive refurbished Blendtec options is:

You still get a THREE (3) YEAR WARRANTY. We believe it’s a MUCH better investment than midlevel $100-$200 blenders that do not have the same features, warranty or are as well made, such as Ninja. Those blenders have 1 year warranties, not as much power or features, are not easy to use or clean, and cannot do all the same things that these Blendtec models can!

 Free Shipping by using Blender Babes Promo Code BBGIFT upon checkout and any of the links from our website before you make your purchase. 

♥ EXCLUSIVE FREE GIFTS by purchasing through Blender Babes! ! (Learn More our FREE GIFTS with Purchase!) 

A blender that is built to last (15-20 years is the average life expectancy).

Stainless steel blunt blades that makes for SAFE and EASY cleaning (as well as ability to get every last drop out!)

Push button technology allows for the easiest blending.





Blendtec’s are considered the best blender for smoothies, which is why these are the same blenders that are used at Jamba Juice, Starbucks, and many of your coffee shops and smoothie shops. If you notice square jars laying around the store, those are Blendtec’s. We strongly want to encourage you to buy one of these high powered blenders for you and your family’s health. You will make WAY MORE than just smoothies, especially with our large collection of healthy blender recipes!

Save hundreds off of their brand new models/pricing AND get free shipping and free gifts from Blender Babes! It’s definitely more affordable and helps people easily make the BEST investment in themselves, and their families’ health. When you purchase one of these certified reconditioned Blendtec blenders, you can be rest assured you are receiving the same quality that Blendtec is known for, in like new condition.

Did YOU Get A Refurbished Blendtec? Let Our Community Know Your Experience and What You Make With It In The Comments. 🙂
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