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3 Easy Steps: How to Save your Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Later!

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How to Save your Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Later!

Blender Babes has plenty of delicious smoothie recipes for your enjoyment. Our smoothies are a perfect mix of healthy ingredients that will detox your body and keep your skin from aging prematurely in our morning routines. But we understand it is not always possible to blend a fresh smoothie before starting a busy day!

Our community has often questioned what are the best methods to store a healthy smoothie or juice for later so we have formulated an easy 3 step method to be able to enjoy your morning smoothie everyday!

NOTE: Smoothies keep longer than juice (from a juice extractor) which only keeps for about 12 hours before nutrition quickly dissipates. A smoothie keeps (well) for about 24 hours while refrigerated before it starts to get… ICKY (and starts to lose nutrition). But as with any natural ingredients use your eyes and nose, if it looks dark brown or smells off don’t drink it. Better safe than sorry!

How to Save your Healthy Smoothie Recipes (& Juice) for Later in Just 3 Easy Steps!


Make a double batch of your favorite juice or smoothie recipe the day before to save you time the next morning!

One now & one for later!

This is what our community does during our FREE 7 Day Superfood Smoothie Challenge! Try it to kickstart health any time of year.

How to Save your Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Later! by @BlenderBabesSTEP 2.

Pour the leftover smoothie or juice batch in a glass container with an airtight lid.

The ever popular mason jars are specially used to preserve food, the 24-32oz ones are our favorites!

To Freeze: You want to leave about an inch of room from the top.

To Refrigerate: You want the container to be filled completely to avoid oxidation of the nutrients becoming less nutritious in the process.

Fill it to the very top, Babes! 🙂

If you don’t have enough leftovers to fill the jar, use plastic wrap and push it down until you make contact with the top of the juice, this will help seal it so no air will touch the contents.


Seal the glass container tightly (put some muscle into it!) and store it in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours or store in the freezer for up to 3 months.

If storing in the freezer, take it out the night before (or 8 hours before) you plan to drink it, to thaw.

We recommend storing using the metal or plastic storage caps and changing the lid in the morning to a drinkable lid such as a cuppow lid or sip and straw lip for quick, on the go use.

How to Save your Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Later! by @BlenderBabes

Blender Babes Tip 1:

The Vitamin C in LEMON JUICE will help prevent the oxidation of your smoothie recipe so don’t be afraid to add a teaspoon or two to your batch.

Enjoy more of the nutrition lemon provides in this C Punch Vitamin C Green Smoothie.

Making immunity boosting smoothies like this one will take your health to the next level.

Blend up your fibrous green smoothie recipes in a good power blender for the best consistency, or follow these how to blend tips for a “regular” blender.

How to Save your Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Later! by @BlenderBabesBlender Babes Tip 2. 

We also LOVE to freeze our leftover smoothies in ice cube trays to use in other healthy smoothie recipes.

Like us, you’ll probably discover delicious & nutritious combinations this way!

Blender Babes are very aware of the nutritional benefits of green smoothie recipes.

After all they help us maintain healthy, active lifestyles!

We want everyone to enjoy their nutritional benefits and know that you don’t always have time to blend everyday or follow certain recipes so we have created the perfect 3-Step Guide to making tasty green smoothies!

Blend, Save & Enjoy!

What method do YOU use to save your recipes? Any specific jars or lid you use? Please share it with our community in the comments! 🙂 HAPPY BLENDING!

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13 thoughts on “3 Easy Steps: How to Save your Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Later!”

  1. Lillian Woodcock

    I have just this minute discovered your website and am just
    Delighted it is exactly what was looking for
    BUT RIGHT NOW I am off to your 15 smoothies.

  2. I have a “Food Saver” vacuum sealer that can be used with it’s Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer on any wide mouth mason jar. That is my fave way to save…

  3. Don’t usually keep smoothies for more than 2 days in the frig if I end up not being able to finish what I’ve made.

  4. I probably wouldn’t drink it past 8 hrs, but they usually don’t last that long anyway. I like mine to be cold, while my kids will drink them right away, so I usually stick my smoothies in the fridge for 2 hrs before I drink them.

  5. I would only save my smoothie for 1 day. After that, at the vitamins I would imagine would be gone. On the other hand, I would think that freezing them (or the ingredients) would preserve the nutrients for 3-6 months but I haven’t tried it yet.

  6. I usually will only store a smoothie for a few hours. I just prefer mine fresh. Although, if I make more than a single serving, sometimes I’ll make ice cubes with them for other drinks.

  7. Erika Chilton

    I have never stored a smoothie, I just drink it right when I make it, so thank you for the info on how to store them.

  8. I store my smoothies in teh fridge……. covered. they don’t last long enough for me to worry about them.

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