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Green Smoothie Formula – 3 Steps to DELICIOUS Healthy Green Smoothies

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How to Make Super Healthy Green Smoothies in 3 Steps by @BlenderBabes


Blender Babes are very aware of the nutritional benefits of green smoothie recipes. After all they help us maintain healthy, active lifestyles! We want everyone to enjoy their nutritional benefits and know that you don’t always have time to follow certain recipes. That’s why we’ve created this simple 3-step guide to making tasty green smoothies with what you’ve got on hand! Just follow the magic formula, blend and enjoy!

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Make Super Healthy Green Smoothie Recipes in 3 Steps

 Step 1: 1.5 – 2 Cups of Liquid Base

This is important for avoiding chunks in your smoothie! You will want to blend your leafy greens and liquid base first when using a regular blender.

Don’t feel obligated to stick to one liquid, you can interchange or combine coconut water, juice, and your favorite milk substitute for a new, delicious flavor every day of the week!

free superfood smoothie challenge

Note: If you have a high powered blender such as a Blendtec or Vitamix, you will not need to blend liquids and greens first.

Learn more about how EXACTLY to make green smoothies with “regular” blender here.

Step 2: Two (2) Cups of Leafy Greens

Blender Babes’ green smoothies follow the 60/40 formula: 60% fruits to 40% leafy greens.

Leafy greens provide great nutritional value to your green smoothie; they’re LOADED with phytonutrients, protein, vitamins, antioxidants… and the list goes on.

But leafy greens also contain small amounts of alkaloids so it’s important to learn how to rotate your greens in order to prevent alkaloid buildup.

A balanced alkaline diet will help you maintain optimal health. 

Step 3: Three (3) Cups of Ripe Fresh and/or Frozen Fruit

Ripe fruit gives green smoothies the perfect amount of sweetness, but other natural sweeteners can be added if the taste is too bitter. 

Ditch the ice by using frozen fruits!

You can even make up a few freezer packs when your fruit it perfectly ripe to ensure you’re blending with the sweetest fruits possible, and they’re a great time-saver for those who have limited time in the mornings. Don’t be afraid to get fancy with your ingredients! 

We love adding at least one superfood to boost our daily nutritional intake.

Try experimenting with a few each week, you may be surprised by how much you like them!

And lastly, if you’re a green smoothie lover but hate the green foam that sometimes surfaces on top, Blender Babes has the answers for that too! 

We LOVE green smoothies as natural energy boosters, natural weight loss, disease-fighting option and the healthiest fast food! Simply toss your favorite mix in your regular blenderVitamix or Blendtec and start blending! 

Super Healthy Green Smoothies in 3 Easy Steps by @BlenderBabes

Practice Makes Perfect!

Start blending! Check out all of our most popular Blender Babes green smoothie recipes.

We believe the benefits of a green smoothie make it easy to hit all of your nutritional needs; they contains powerful antioxidants, cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties! 

Enjoy the benefits of green smoothies and learn why our Green Smoothie Challenge is right for you!

Then sign Up for our FREE 7 Day Superfood Smoothie Challenge! 

Superfood Smoothie Challenge

Are you in LOVE? If you share our passion for green smoothies or you want to learn more, make sure to join our community for more great recipes!

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Tarashaun Hausner
Tarashaun Hausner
Tarashaun Hausner is the founder of Blender Babes®. She credits using a blender daily for helping her heal an unhealthy relationship with food. A passionate advocate for self-care, she is committed to helping others pursue optimal wellness by balancing and healing their bodies and minds. She offers several opportunities to help people improve their health including free challenges and downloads, a gentle whole foods 7 Day Blender Cleanse™ and her holistic mind, body and spirit Slim Down Solution™ Womens Coaching Programs.

10 thoughts on “Green Smoothie Formula – 3 Steps to DELICIOUS Healthy Green Smoothies”

  1. I currently have a nutri ninja pro (1000 watt) and I find that it really won’t completely blend things like kale or arugula in my smoothies. I’m looking to get a better blender so I can quickly and easily make super smooth green smoothies. Which blender or blenders would you recommend

  2. Hello! Thanks for all your helpful information! I like to make green protein smoothies. I know the order of the ingredients is important to getting the best consistency and to help the blender function at its best. Where would my protein powder go in this order. I would like to put all the ingredients at once and press the smoothie button without stopping and adding etc.
    Thank you!

    1. Great question Marsystar! People with regular blenders typically make their smoothie and then add the protein powder at the end and pulse it in to combine. Here at Blender Babes however we just add the protein with everything else. I usually add it at the top and hit the smoothie button. HINT: If you have LOTS of leafy greens, make sure there’s at least 1 cup of ice/frozen fruit and use the Blendtec SOUP button. It will really pulverize all those fibrous fruits and veggies without having to add more time to the smoothie setting. Also the Whole Juice button is more powerful than the smoothie button, so we also use that setting if it’s not a simple smoothie. 🙂 HAPPY BLENDING!

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