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Skin Brushing – How and Why This Helps Detox and Improve Your Health

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The skin is our largest organ involving absorption as well as elimination. Many of us exfoliate the skin on our faces regularly, but the truth is that our entire bodies could use thorough exfoliation on a regular basis. Skin that is clogged with toxins along with dead cells is unable to function properly because the toxins aren’t being eliminated from the body.Because it is approximated that the skin eliminates more than one pound of waste each day, skin brushing could be a fantastic routine to include in your day. Dry skin brushing every day can provide many benefits, including improving circulation, stimulating lymph drainage, stimulating hormones, and firming of the skin.


  • You encourage your body to release metabolic waste by increasing the circulation to the skin.
  • Dry skin brushing is stimulating to the lymphatic system, also helping to eliminate toxins from the body.
  • Dry skin brushing helps the skin to breathe by removing dead skin cells, and by opening clogged pores.

Dry skin brushing tips

Why Dry Skin Brushing is GOOD FOR YOU by @BlenderBabes• You will need a skin brush with soft natural bristles for dry brushing (not synthetic bristles). These are very similar to a hairbrush, but have a longer handle. They are very affordable, costing anywhere from $5-$13.
• Make sure that you are dry brushing softly in the initial stages so that your skin doesn’t become sore. As your skin gets more used to dry brushing, applying a little more pressure can be done.
• Both your skin and brush should be dry. We recommend dry brushing then showering after to remove exfoliated skin. Make it convenient and do your dry brushing in the shower before you turn the water on.
• Avoid dry brushing over cuts, wounds, rashes or skin conditions such as eczema, and varicose veins.
• Begin by dry brushing the outermost parts of your body, starting with hands and feet, then moving towards the center of your body.
• Dry brush once over your body, except for your face. Complete each stroke 6 times.
• Your brush strokes should move towards your heart. This helps improve blood circulation and is why so many people feel extremely refreshed after an energetic session of dry brushing.
• You shouldn’t use a scrubbing, circular, or back and forth motion. Your movements should be made in one direction, towards your heart.
• You may notice some slight flushing of the skin. This is normal, due to increased circulation. The skin should not be red or irritated, if it is you’re using too much pressure.
• This entire process is quick and should only take you one to two minutes.
• Wash and air dry the brush after every brushing session
• If your skin is extremely dry, massage some oil on it after showering. Jojoba oil is a wonderful skin softener.

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How to dry skin brush

One of our friends Robyn Openshaw, aka Green Smoothie Girl created a FABULOUS video and How To Printable Guide for Dry Skin Brushing. You can also use our list below.

Lymph-skin-brushingArmpit: Clockwise strokes, then counter-clockwise in each direction.
Chest: Above breast, breastbone to armpit. Then below the breast, sternum to armpit.
Sides: From waist to armpit.
Back: Reach over the shoulder, strokes from middle of the spine up over the shoulder blade.
Neck: Stroke starting at the base of the back of the neck over the shoulder down to just below the base of the throat.
Jaw: Along the base of the skull of the jaw-line and down over the collar bone.
Hands: Brush each finger side to side, palms using a circular motion.  Stroke back of hand from fingertips to wrist.  Brush all the way around the wrist in both directions.
Arms: From wrist to elbow on all surfaces, repeat for area between elbow and shoulder.
Lower Body: Small circular strokes moving away from the center of the body towards the side of the body.
Abdomen: Circular clock-wise motion starting at the navel, then backward back toward the naval.
Buttocks: Begin stroke where your booty and top of the thigh meet, moving up over the hip to the groin.
Lower back: Start at the bottom of the spine and work up to the bottom of the shoulder blades (or higher if you can!).
Feet: Use small, vigorous circular strokes from heels to toes on the bottom of the foot.  Brush from toes to ankles on tops of feet.
Legs: Stroke from ankles to knees on all sides of legs 6 times, then repeat on area above knees using as many strokes needed to cover entire area.

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Shannon Hoglund
Shannon Hoglund
Shannon is a marathon runner, yogi, jet setter, foodie, and mommy. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and daughter where she enjoys being active outdoors as much as possible and spending time with friends and family. Keeping healthy and fit is a main goal of Shannon’s, along with inspiring others to also lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

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