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Harmless Harvest: The #1 Best Tasting Coconut Water

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Harmless Harvest: The #1 Best Tasting Coconut Water by @BlenderBabes

Coconut Water – One of the Healthiest Drinks on the Planet

Coconut water is one of the most refreshing, energy-enhancing and thirst-quenchingly nutrient dense liquids money can buy—and I totally love it!

Although admittedly, most people don’t regard it as such the first time they try it (including myself).

Like myself, most people fiirst try the pasteurized coconut water on the market. Some are better than others (and I use these for smoothies), however these coconut waters typically DO NOT taste like it came straight out of a coconut!

Trust me, once you’ve tasted a cold bottle of coconut water that tastes like you’re drinking out of a coconut, it’s ssssooooo super easy to get addicted to this absolutely sweet, electrolyte-laden water.

The moment you develop a taste for it, you’ll start to crave it – especially first thing in the morning (perhaps after a big night out!) or after a workout.

Real, beautifully pure organic coconut water has a powerful yet delicate flavor, rich aroma, and is bursting with so much nutrition that even a small glass of it is enough to light up your metabolism and quench your thirst!

Harmless Harvest: The #1 Best Tasting Coconut Water by @BlenderBabesCoconut Water Health Benefits & Nutrient Composition

Coconut water contains a unique combination of B vitamins, vitamin C, micronutrients and phytohormones that are wonderfully beneficial for health, wellness and longevity.

It’s no wonder why an ayurvedic doctor recommended to me long ago (before it became mainstream) to drink one coconut water per day due to its massive health benefits.


Cutting-Edge Research Shows Coconut Water Health Benefits:

  • Has antiaging effects
  • Fights free radicals
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Helps prevent heart attacks
  • Helps regulate cell division, development and nutrient processing

But Whose Coconut Water Can You Trust?

Though packaged coconut water has been flooding the market recently, I don’t want you to just stroll into any store and grab some off the shelf.

With all the major corporations pretending to be organic these days, it’s hard to know whose coconut water you can trust. But like everything else in the natural health world, it all comes down to how the product is produced.

Coconut water is available in cartons and bottles, and comes in powdered, frozen, flavored, carbonated and even high-fructose corn syrup sweetened form—making it one heck of a challenge to find out if you’re choosing the right one.

Ultimately you want the brand that’s the least processed and still has all of its nutrients intact, which is always going to be the one made straight from a young fresh green coconut.

Harmless Harvest: The #1 Best Tasting Coconut Water by @BlenderBabesYoung Fresh Green Coconuts

A palm tree’s young fresh green coconuts are bursting with an abundance of water that’s loaded with vitamins and minerals.

But as they ripen this water’s nutrients naturally seep into the coconut’s meat—with the water remaining behind losing most of its potency. This process can also be sped up when young picked coconuts lie on the ground too long in the sun.

Coconut oil, coconut milk and all other coconut products on the other hand are made from older mature coconuts, whose water is typically discarded because it lacks nutrition.

But there are plenty of unscrupulous companies out there who buy this old coconut water cheaply, then pasteurize, process and sweeten it all up, and turn right around and sell it as expensive coconut water—which doesn’t taste anything like fresh coconut water (but does make substantial profits).

Like all produce, a coconut’s overall quality and flavor is a product of the soil in which it was grown, the water and climate that nurtured it, and the surrounding flora and fauna that rounded out its environment…

All of which is why I only drink Harmless Harvest’s raw organic coconut water. This revolutionary company strives to be sustainable in every possible way and relies solely on word of mouth to advertise its products—they literally have zero advertising budget! (Note: Like all of our honest reviews, Blender Babes is not compensated for this post.)

Harmless Harvest – the One & Only – 100% Raw, 100% Organic

Harmless Harvest is my absolute favorite brand of coconut water! It’s the best coconut water out there and truly tastes like they poured it right out of a coconut that was just picked off a tree! And as it turns out, there’s a reason why!

Harmless Harvest: The #1 Best Tasting Coconut Water by @BlenderBabesHarmless Harvest thoroughly understands that they’re only as good as the coconuts they harvest. Believing that the finest ingredients should only be enjoyed as Mother Nature intended, they revamped the entire supply chain and created the very first ready-to-drink raw coconut water.

Their luscious, 100% organic coconuts are renowned for their uniquely sweet and nutty flavor. Grown with traditional farming methods on an organic agroforestry in Thailand, their succulent coconuts are picked by hand when they’re young and green—the absolute height of their delicious flavor!—lowered to the ground by rope to prevent any damage, collected with tremendous care, and shipped on boats traveling the picturesque canals that line the shores of their beautiful palm trees.

Harmless Harvest Facilities

From there it’s just a short distance to Harmless Harvest’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Located in the heart of Thailand’s traditional coconut farming region, this revolutionary company employs natives from all the surrounding villages, and pays them a fair wage.

And it’s here that the life-enhancing waters of these incredibly fresh coconuts are bottled, which begins as soon as they’re cracked open!

Without any mixing, homogenizing or heat pasteurization, each and every bottle remains cold from the moment the coconut is first cracked open to when it’s placed in a health food store’s refrigerated section (although I’ve seen it at regular grocery stores now, so others must have discovered the best coconut water too!!)

Preservatives are NEVER added at any point in Harmless Harvest’s honest and straightforward coconut-to-bottle process, maintaining all of the natural flavor, unique aroma and super dense nutrient profile of the individual coconut from which it came.

And though all of their coconut water is clear when bottled, some bottles eventually turn pink with time. This variation is due to the natural process of coconut water’s numerous antioxidants interacting with light, which is totally fine to fully embrace.

These pink bottles are just as safe and delicious to drink as all the others, which Harmless Harvest made a conscious effort not to hide in any way with dangerous additives.

They just knew that their health- and environmentally-conscious customers would understand.Harmless Harvest: The #1 Best Tasting Coconut Water by @BlenderBabes

Having pioneering only the best, most ecologically sustaining farming and business practices in order to deliver the highest quality coconut water, Harmless Harvest is committed to building long-lasting relationships with all of their customers and all of Thailand’s organic agroforestry communities.

They believe that production doesn’t need to be destructive and with their revolutionary ecosystem based business model, they will continue to put as much of their resources back into protecting the environment as they possibly can!

Get Harmless Harvest Coconut Water in Your Health Food Store

Harmless Harvest: The #1 Best Tasting Coconut Water by @BlenderBabesHarmless Harvest is succeeding because of how they do business—not any marketing gimmicks or seductively slick advertising campaigns.

For those wanting to help this revolutionary company grow, head straight to your health food store’s refrigerator section and try some of their awesome coconut water today!

And if you’re favorite store doesn’t carry Harmless Harvest coconut water yet, ask them about ordering some. All it takes is a couple of people inquiring about a particular product for management to give it a try!

Be sure to let me know about your experiences with coconut water in the Comments Section, as well as where to get the best deals on this super awesome but kinda pricey all natural energy drink!

And as always, Happy Blending!

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Tarashaun Hausner
Tarashaun Hausner
Tarashaun Hausner is the founder of Blender Babes®. She credits using a blender daily for helping her heal an unhealthy relationship with food. A passionate advocate for self-care, she is committed to helping others pursue optimal wellness by balancing and healing their bodies and minds. She offers several opportunities to help people improve their health including free challenges and downloads, a gentle whole foods 7 Day Blender Cleanse™ and her holistic mind, body and spirit Slim Down Solution™ Womens Coaching Programs.

75 thoughts on “Harmless Harvest: The #1 Best Tasting Coconut Water”

  1. Hi Tarashuan, Thanks for your great info. and website info.
    My question today is regarding Harmless Harvest Raw Coconut Water. I had discovered it years ago when they first appeared in Houston Whole Foods Market and fell in love with it then. The name was 100% Raw Harmless Harvest, but they’ve since been challenged by I guess other jealous corporations that cold pressed was considered processed it’s not really raw. So FDA made them change the name by dropping the 100% from the name. After that, I’ve noticed that All of the coconut water is now pink. It used to be some of it, now it’s ALL of it. I’m wondering whether it is really due to interaction of the plastic bottles rather than exposure to light. Also, maybe since it became so popular now, it’s being stored longer, allowing to turn pink.
    I’m 70 years old and I’ve grown up with fresh coconut water from the coconuts. I’ve never seen any pink and it makes me skeptical that ALL their water is now pink not just a few here and there like it used to be when I’d purchase from Whole Foods. So, myself and so many other customers who used to jump at this real tasting coconut water as the only ones on the market that’s pure, now change our minds. I’ve written to them back then to find out why ALL of their water is pink but did not receive a response. So we’ve stopped buying. Some of us felt that Maybe the company got greedy as sales took off and may be increasing production by doing some other shelf life processing (maybe preservatives) that makes it pink) .
    Would you look into that?
    So far, there’s no other true fresh coconut water out there. So we’re back buying the so-called fresh real water coconuts from the local markets. The reason for so-called fresh is because we are aware of the wrappings being sprayed to prevent spoilage. But at least that’s affecting the outer husk of the coconut. We cut ourselves and enjoy the fresh meat inside as well as water and make our own milk from it and is very delicious smoothies and fruit salads and desserts with the coconut flesh or meat or whatever people want to call it.
    Thank you for taking the time to investigate this. Hopefully since you are their affiliate, they may honestly respond to you or at least take note and change their processing to make it pure for real. Just be truly honest and stop risking the public’s health while being greedy for increased profits.
    If the problem is the plastic bottles, then change to glass like many other companies that use glass for their “fresh” green juices.
    Thanks again Tarashuan, and keep up the good work.

    1. Hey Barb! Thanks for the comment – I asked them the same thing years ago and they said it was very normal to have some pink bottles – it’s actually in their FAQs now! Here is their response “Although coconut water comes out of the coconut clear, it can turn pink when the varying levels of antioxidants contained in the water interact with light. Instead of hiding this natural variation by adding Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid, we choose to embrace it. Pink or Clear – They’re both delicious!”

  2. Ann Jessica Tan

    I usually drink coconut water whenever we have some stock in our house. Although most of the time, my grandma would usually buy coconut juice instead of coconut water because that’s what’s mostly available in our local market and grocery stores. I really wanted to try the organic ones but I couldn’t find it so we will end up buying organic coconut juice. I also like to use coconut water when I make smoothie. It’s what I use as the substitute to water and/or milk. I just love how it adds a kick in my smoothie and not to say, very refreshing!

    1. Agreed Ann! When organic coconut water like Harmless Harvest isn’t available, we have found that buying coconuts at our local asian market, and using a Coco-Jack to open it ( Promo Code BLENDERBABES gives you 10% off) really helps save money and allows us fresh coconut water! 🙂

  3. As Newlywedded, health geeks, we adore having a bottle (or more) of Harmless Harvest during and after our workouts for hydration and general snack time. Their coconut water has a pure, clean, and refreshing taste. These products rule in our organic and raw life-style.
    Also, during some serious health issues for me, it was helpful in my digestion issues. We love that the company is environmentally conscious in their efforts too. And all around winner for us.

  4. for the last couple of years, i’ve always had a carton of coconut water in my fridge — it’s so handy! not only is it extremely hydrating, but it’s also a nice alternative to plain water and goes well in smoothies & juices. then one day, i tasted RAW coconut water and discovered a whole new world of flavor! the taste and quality of harmless harvest surpasses all other brands, hands down. also, because of the antioxidants, mine was pink!

  5. rebecca andres

    I love using coconut water in my smoothies! I recently bought some amazing grass products for me and the kids and i love using coco water as a base! Usually all i can find are the cheaper brands where I live so I would be super geeked to try this brand!

  6. I love drinking it after cardio, and also take it with me when I’m going to be out of the house for a while!

  7. I am trying to change to healthier eating habits. From what I have read, I have started drinking coconut water.

  8. I like to mix coconut water in my protein shakes, I love the health benefits as well as the little tropical kick!

  9. THis is great, Coconut water is my favorite drink post running although it’s not the cheapest drink. Would love to win!

  10. I love real coconut water but we don’t have a natural health store in our town anymore. 🙁 So I really haven’t found a good place to get it now. If anyone has suggestions for ordering some I would appreciate it!

  11. Veronique Daoust

    I LOVE coconut water! I drink it after hot yoga to replenish my electrolytes, and in my post-workout smoothies to rehydrate. I love it. My favorite is blending kale, banana and pineapple with coconut water for a perfect hot-yoga recovery drink.

  12. I drink coconut water not only because I love the taste, but because it’s very hydrating, and full of potassium!

  13. Leslie Van Damme

    I’ve tried VitaCoco, and it was awful! I would love to try Harmless Harvest’s 100% raw coconut water. The cocoa flavor sounds amazing! I want to start drinking coconut water for hydrating purposes. I always feel really dehydrated and tired since I moved to Colorado.

  14. The first time I tried this coconut water, I didn’t care for it in comparison to other coconut waters I typically purchase. However I relaized the reason was because the others were much sweeter/had sugar. I tried again and like it more now. It is an acquired taste if you have had other brands in the past but it is much more refreshing and healthy! Happy drinking!

  15. Marnie G (Derrick Todd)

    I love coconut water. It is so refreshing. I really enjoy it in the summertime when I’m outside by the pool — it makes me feel like I’m on a tropical vacation.

  16. This is the best coconut water. I never know what to think of the pink bottles, but now I know why. Thank you for the info.

  17. I am looking up just where I might find this locally! Sounds like the perfect companion to the new Vitamix S30 I just won!!!

  18. I love this water. It’s the best! I drink coconut water anytime and especially in smoothies, but this one has the best flavor and should only be consumed straight out of the bottle! Yum!

  19. We use coconut water when we make smoothies and we make the wonderful Blender Babes apple, almond butter, chia pudding.

  20. I’ve never tried coconut water before, but I would love to try it because I’m interested in drinking it for all the wonderful health benefits! Thanks for the chance!

    1. Great idea Monica! We prefer it over filtered water in smoothies and whole food juices, it adds a natural and subtle sweet flavor along with other nutrients! 🙂 Good luck in your studies!

  21. I started drinking coconut water during chemotherapy to stay hydrated and continued to keep my Potassium at good levels. I love coconut water and add to my smoothies often. I have never tried Harmless Harvest as I have not found it in my healthfood store or at any local grocery but I will look for it. I would love to try it. As a cancer survivor I am all about healthy eating and raw is what I love.

    1. YOU GO KIM!! Always interested to hear about how people combat and heal their cancer, and prevent it from coming back! You should ask your local health food store about Harmless Harvest and get them to try it! 🙂

  22. I live in deep rural Texas, having to drive almost an hour to shop at a Costco or drive about the same distance in the other direction to shop at a ‘fairly’ well stocked health food store…..neither of these stores carry this organic coconut water…..I truly would like to see it in these stores. For the most part, Texas is not a very health conscious state if one does not live in a metro-area (e.g., Dallas, Tyler, Austin, etc.) In the future I hope this excellent product is made available to those of us who live in deeply rural areas

  23. Love Harmless Harvest raw coconut water. I drink it after a run and my little ones enjoy it as a treat when we go to Wholefoods or Sprouts. It’s so refreshing and it’s the perfect raw drink to nourish you with natural electrolytes.

  24. I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS COCONUT WATER AS WELL!!! It is the only coconut water I drink and the only coconut water I think is available (at least where I live) that is truly fresh coconut water with all of its benefits! It’s also so darn delicious!

  25. I don’t really drink coconut water, but I’m training for a half marathon right now and have been told that as I increase my mileage that it is a great way to refuel so I’m excited to try it.

    1. You will love it Dee! We’ve seriously tasted them all and this is by far the BEST coconut water we’ve tried! 🙂 Some are close but otherwise we’ll just drink straight from a coconut.

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