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The 7 Day Blender Cleanse


The Blender Cleanse – A Step by Step 7 Day Program by Blender Babes

Lose weight, feel great (and put your blender to use!) with this nutritionist approved whole foods cleanse & detox program!

The Blender Cleanse is NOT smoothies and rabbit food! It’s a delicious and satiating whole foods elimination detox diet plan that will help you lose weight, reduce cravings, boost energy and pinpoint allergies – cleaning your body AND your mind!

Do on your own schedule any time of year with any kind of blender! 🙂

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2 Private 1:1 Coaching Calls + Daily Accountability with Tarashaun, Founder of Blender Babes
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♥ Access to Private Accountability Support Group
♥ The Blender Cleanse Guide eBook
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5 Day Omnivore & Vegetarian/Vegan Meal Plan (3 meals + 2 snacks)
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♥ Nutritionist Approved Recipes
 100% Gluten-Free
♥ Macros/Nutrition for all Recipes
♥ 2 Days Juice Detox Recipes + Shopping List
♥ Elimination Schedule
♥ Allowed/Not Allowed Foods List
♥ Progress Tracker
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BONUS #1 – Quick Booty Workout w/ Blender Babe Elise
BONUS #2 – Guided Meditation w/ Blender Babe Elise


Our bodies are constantly and relentlessly overloaded with toxins. We experience toxins in every area of life, especially from food. These toxins are causing inflammation, which can silently involve every cell in your body and, over time, negatively affect your health and abilities. For example, allergies, joint pain, and premature aging are just a few of the common ailments linked to inflammation. Although food is one of the problems causing this situation, it is also the solution. The Blender Cleanse is a cleansing and detoxification method that will help your AMAZING BODY naturally start to rid itself of the many chemical toxins which have collected in your cells.


The Blender Cleanse is a holistic nutritionist approved whole foods meal plan that will cleanse your body through an elimination diet leading up to a (satiating) whole foods juice detox.

The Blender Cleanse is 7 days, but can be longer depending on your needs.

The Guide will provide a 5 day meal plan and 2+ day juice detox (you can do as long as you wish, we recommend between 2 and 5 days) that follows our daily elimination of certain foods such as gluten, processed foods and artificial sugar and (eventually) meat and dairy which are phased out to reduce headaches, cravings, and other withdrawal symptoms.

PLEASE NOTE: This plan is gluten-free. Cleanse meal plan includes elimination of certain foods including meat, dairy, eggs, etc. as well as reintroduction of these foods which will help you recognize food sensitivities.

This is NOT a restrictive diet. You will receive plenty of calories necessary to feel full and satiated. These whole foods will nourish the body and aid in digestion.

It will also utilize your blender as much as possible (NOTE: a high powered blender is NOT NECESSARY, but it’s nice to have!), creating delicious meals and snacks, soups, smoothies, and juices. We recommend items to prep ahead of time at night, and make enough of certain meals to take with you to work, perfect for those that have limited time to prepare meals.


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