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Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Shiitake Mushrooms (GF, Vegan Optional)

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Creamy Cauliflower Blender Soup Recipe

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This delicious recipe gives you all the creamy goodness your tastebuds crave-without the cream!

The all vegan, gluten free recipe below is adapted from a carnivore version, and is such a perfect quick and easy soup made from scratch that will have you wondering why it wasn’t made dairy-free in the first place!

Of course, you can make it in a way that fits your lifestyle – both versions are GREAT! The texture of the highly nutritious cauliflower mixed with the meaty shiitakes is the perfect combination of pureéd savory goodness.

Best of all, it is made in a snap with your high powered Vitamix or Blendtec blender, however, it can be made with a “regular” blender – see notes. Also, if you are using DRIED shiitake mushrooms, be sure to soak them gill side down in cool water for about 8 hours. I put them in a bowl in the morning before work, and this soup is ready in NO TIME for dinner!

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Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Shiitake Mushrooms

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Course: Soup
Prep Time: 35 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes
Calories: 110kcal
Author: Blender Babes adapted from Cooking Light


  • 4 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 3/4 cup thinly sliced leek light green and white parts only
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 4 cups coarsely chopped cauliflower florets
  • 1 1/2 cups vegetable stock or chicken
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 2 teaspoons chopped fresh thyme
  • 1/4 cup rice or almond milk or reduced fat 2% milk
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons coconut oil or butter
  • 1/4 teaspoon white pepper
  • 3 1/2 ounces shiitake mushroom caps
  • 1 teaspoon tamari or Worcestershire
  • 1 teaspoon sherry vinegar
  • 2 teaspoons chopped fresh parsley


  • Heat large saucepan over high heat, add 2 teaspoons olive oil to pan
  • Add leek, saute´1 minute, add a pinch of salt, cover and reduce heat until leeks are soft
  • Add cauliflower, 1 cup plus 6 tablespoons of the vegetable stock, water and thyme.
  • Bring to a boil; cover reduce heat, and simmer until cauliflower is very tender-about 7 minutes
  • Place cauliflower in Blendtec 90oz Wildside Jar or Vitmaix 64oz Jar. Add remaininng salt, milk/sub, coconut oil and pepper
  • For Blendtec: Press the BATTERS/SAUCES button
  • For Vitamix: Start on Speed 1, increase to speed 5 and blend for 30 seconds.
  • If needed, add 1/2 cup of vegetable broth and/or more milk substitute.
  • For Blendtec: Press the SOUP button
  • For Vitamix: Start on Speed 1, increase to speed 10/HIGH and blend for 1.5 minutes.
  • Thinly sliice shiitake caps. Heat a skillet over medium-high heat
  • Add remaining olive oil to pan, add mushrooms; sauté 6 minutes or until browned
  • Add remaining 2 tablespoons vegetable stock, tamari and sherry vinegar, cook until reduced and syrupy
  • Pour soup into bowl, top with mushrooms and fresh parsley, and enjoy!
  • All done! Enjoy!! Now take a photo, rate it, and share your accomplishments! 🙂 Tag @BlenderBabes & #BlenderBabes


With a regular blender, you may need to blend the cauliflower in 2 batches, and do not include the milk, coconut oil or pepper. Blend by removing the lid plug to let steam escape and place a towel over the opening to prevent splatters. Once blended, return to pot and THEN add milk/coconut oil/pepper and stir. Keep warm


Calories: 110kcal


Cauliflower is packed full of antioxidant vitamin C and anti-inflammatory vitamin K.

This fiber-full cruciferous vegetable is great for your digestive system and with a rich omega-3 content, your cardiovascular health as well!

Cauliflower has been shown to be effective in reducing the risk for many types of cancers and inflammatory conditions thanks to the anti-inflammatory nature of the glucosinolates it is abundant in.

Shiitake mushrooms help protect against cardiovascular disease, regulate the immune system, even provide a highly bioavailable form of non-animal iron. The polysaccharides found in shiitake mushrooms can help lower cholesterol and reduce symptoms of stress, immunodeficiency, even radiation exposure! talk about superfoods!
Recipe Tester Tarashaun

Tarashaun Hausner
Tarashaun Hausner
Tarashaun Hausner is the founder of Blender Babes®. She credits using a blender daily for helping her heal an unhealthy relationship with food. A passionate advocate for self-care, she is committed to helping others pursue optimal wellness by balancing and healing their bodies and minds. She offers several opportunities to help people improve their health including free challenges and downloads, a gentle whole foods 7 Day Blender Cleanse™ and her holistic mind, body and spirit Slim Down Solution™ Womens Coaching Programs.

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