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Looking for some easy healthy recipes? Here are some of the Blender Babes favorites, organized by category so you can find exactly what you want in just a few clicks.



No-cook dishes filled with fruits and veggies in their most natural state. No oven needed!

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Meat-free isn’t just reserved for Mondays! These veggie dishes will satisfy all week long.

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No animal products here, just veggies, nuts and grains in all of their wholesome goodness.

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Low-sugar, low-carb never tasted so good! These diabetic dishes pack both nutrients and flavor.

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No eggs? No problem! Eggless versions of your favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner staples.

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Gluten Free

Gluten-free grains steal the show in these tasty Celiac-safe dishes, and you’ll be glad they did!

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Healthy Heart

Recipes packed with healthy fats and whole grains to keep your ticker in tip-top shape.

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High Calcium

Calcium sure does a body good, and so do these bone-strengthening recipes!

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High Fiber

With fiber-rich ingredients like fruits, beans and grains, these dishes will keep you full all day long.

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High Potassium

Getting the recommended 3,500mg of potassium is easy with these crave-worthy favorites.

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High Protein

More protein, please! These protein-heavy dishes are sure to appease the carnivores at your table.

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Low Calorie

Make every calorie count with these low-calories variations of your favorite meals.

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Low Carb

Low-carb dishes that are every bit as satisfying as they are delicious.

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Low Cholesterol

Heart-healthy, cholesterol-friendly recipes that will satisfy even the pickiest of palates.

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Low Fat

Low-fat recipes that are twice as appetizing as their full-fat counterparts, without the guilt!

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Low Sodium

Hold the salt, but not the flavor! These herb-packed dishes are so good, you won’t even miss it.

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Dairy Free

Going sans dairy is a piece of cake with these lactose-free recipes. And yes, there’s cake too!

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