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Blender Babes is Born

A mission to show people how to prepare quick and healthy meals using a high powered blender, that’s how Blender Babes was born.  Blender Babes is the brain child of me, Blender Babe Tarashaun. Like many of you, I was not in the market for an *expensive* high powered blender… and then I saw a brief demonstration and I have to say, the blender found me…

When I entered the “real world” after school, I began my journey of learning how to cook. In the beginning, I was using Splenda, fat free this, and low fat that (which I now know is NOT really “healthy”); trying my best to adapt popular recipes into improved, healthier versions.  This resulted in many requests for my dishes at parties and soon I was known as a “healthy” cook.

After 5 years of domestication, and cooking 3 meals a day – I was burnt out and tired of cooking!! I went on a full fledged cooking strike – and resorted to eating mostly pre-packaged meals from Trader Joe’s (still do!) and Lean Cuisine’s (SOOOO not healthy, now I mostly eat Luvo if I must eat frozen foods!), if I wasn’t eating out.  Needless to say, this became incredibly costly and my desire to eat “healthy” even more unaffordable.

After several years of this, and after reading many books on health and nutrition, I decided I wanted to get a juicer… shortly thereafter I came across a demonstration for a high powered blender (a Blendtec) and I was truly amazed at the power and functionality of this seemingly standard looking blender. In a period of several minutes I witnessed the blender making a *HOT* soup (heating from friction!  WHAT?!?!!), a green juice using 100% of the produce, liquefying the fiber, seeds, skin, etc. (and therefore MUCH HEALTHIER and more COST EFFICIENT than a regular juicer or extractor), YUMMY ice cream with cabbage in it (HUH??!!), and homemade flour.

My jaw nearly hit the floor as I watched each recipe demonstration.

I SWALLOWED THE SAMPLES…THEN THE PRICE – and have never looked back!!  I even became a roadshow demonstrator, so I could help others make the same discovery that I did. What I found was that many people would come back to watch or stop at the demonstration OVER and OVER to remind, teach, and inspire them to make more than JUST smoothies!!  They knew their Blendtec was the BEST SMOOTHIE BLENDER on the market, however everyone wanted to SEE and LEARN how to make OTHER TYPES of recipes! That’s when the idea and seed for Blender Babes first was planted!


Blender Babes was born as I pondered how to make the videos FUN AND ENTERTAINING. I’m personally a California girl. I love the beach, beautiful whether, and bikinis. What I hated was boring recipe videos… So we first began with our naturally beautiful babes demonstrating Recipes and How To’s in bathing suits! Not too long after that we switched to activewear. We’re trying to sell HEALTH here, not SEX. Although our community still seems to LOVE our Babes in Bikinis, and we plan to still shoot videos for the right recipe (cocktails by the pool, anyone?) – we are having a lot more fun exploring the fitness side of our brand! Our Blender Babes are nutritionists, fitness instructors, dancers, mommies and more – who LOVE THIER BLENDERS, and want to share their healthy living ways of life with our community!! We are striving to bring experts in their fields to help you create delicious, healthier recipes as well as bring the best of healthy living to your attention.

Of course we believe everyone should have a high powered blender, it’s an incredible investment in your health. Pretty much any model from Blendtec or Vitamix will last you 15 or more years and more than pay for itself. However, even if you DO NOT have a high powered blender right now, you can use your standard blender to make many of our recipes (just make sure to prep food into very small pieces and run it longer). PLEAE NOTE: Things like ice cream, non-dairy milk substitutesnut butters, hot soups, and grains can ONLY be made with a high powered blender. Read our full comprehensive Blendtec vs Vitamix review and put one on your WISH LIST!

Getting a high powered blender will be one of the BEST investments you EVER make in yourself or loved one.


Happy Blending!
Team Blender Babes

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