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Blender Babes’ Free 21 Day Green Smoothie Challenge ~~~> LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!


Welcome and Congratulations! You are taking the first step towards a healthier, thinner and happier you!

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To participate in the Challenge as a GROUP – Join our PRIVATE Blender Babes Green Smoothie Challenge & Juice Detox Facebook group. We also will be having fun & more giveaways on our InstagramWe do the challenge as a group a few times per year. Of course, you can also drink up on your own schedule. 🙂

How to get YOUR desired results during our Green Smoothie Challenge:

You probably ended up here for a bunch of different reasons, but we’re guessing that most of you are here to lose weight OR to get more fruits and vegetables into your diet! The good news is that our 21 Day Green Smoothie Challenge can do both of these things and so much more (increased energy, clearer skin, better moods, etc!)

GOAL = Weight Loss – If you’re looking to lose weight with the Green Smoothie Challenge, you will replace part or all of one meal each day for 21 days with one 16 to 32 ounce (2 to 4 cup) Green Smoothie.

GOAL = Increase your vegetable and fruit consumption to 5-10 dayIf you’re just looking to add more great plant-based nutrition to your diet, you’ll eat normal meals and then add one 16 to 32 ounce (2 to 4 cup) green smoothie in between meals.

IN BOTH CASES,try to exercise and eat clean for your other meals, but don’t deprive yourself! Drink more Green Smoothies if you have cravings or get hungry – you cannot overdose on Green Smoothies!!! Moderation is key, so make sure you’re getting enough food and exercise to stay happy and focused throughout the challenge.

If you already own one of our favorite Vitamix or Blendtec blenders, congratulations on making one of the best decisions of your life! If you don’t THAT’S OK!! Click Here for Tips and Instructions for making silky green smoothies with a “regular” blender.

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