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9 EBOOKS - 137 Easy Recipes

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Get the 9 eBook Bundle ($78 Value) for $9

Who is This eBook Bundle For?

This ebook bundle is for YOU if:
• You want to save money by using your investment in a blender.
• You want delicious and nutritious recipes to help you and/or your family incorporate more whole foods into your diet.
• You're eager to learn how to use your blender for more than just smoothies.
• You like easy recipe ideas and instructions that can save time in the kitchen.
• You want tasty, whole-foods based recipe ideas for all three meals, snacks and entertaining.
• You like gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian recipe options and/or substitutions.

• You love blending but you don't use your blender as often as you would like to.

What's in the eBooks

THE HEALTHY & QUICK BLENDER RECIPE Bundle is a collection of e-cookbooks containing easy-to-make blender-friendly recipes that can help you transition to a healthier lifestyle. From green smoothies, juices and soups to dips, spreads, breads and desserts, The Healthy & Quick Blender Recipe bundle takes all the guesswork out of what you can make in blender. It includes a variety of recipe ideas that incorporate whole foods nutrition that’s beneficial to your body and your taste buds. This collection of recipes is designed to show you how a blender is a versatile kitchen asset that can be used to prepare healthy meals so eating better becomes a way of life that’s also fun!

What's Included in the Bundle

Healthy & Quick Blender Recipes eBook Bundle with Bonuses
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9 eBooks

7 eBooks

137 Easy Recipes
127 Easy Recipes

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Blender Recipes eBook bundle with bonus

Get the 9 eBook Bundle ($78 Value) for $9

30 Day Guarantee

If for any reason, you don’t feel the Healthy & Quick Blender Recipes eBook Bundle is right for you, simply email our customer service team within 30 days for a full refund.

That’s our promise to you. We stand behind our products.

Blender Recipes eBook bundle with bonus

Get the 9 eBook Bundle ($78 Value) for $29 $9

what's inside?

Blender Cocktails
Detox Smoothies
High Protein Smoothies
Dips, Spreads and Dressings Volume 1
Top 10 Soups
Dips, Spreads, Dressings - Volume 2
Copycat Jamba Juice Smoothies
Top 5 Easy Blender Ice Cream Recipes
Blender Recipes eBook bundle with bonus

Get the 9 eBook Bundle ($78 Value) for $9

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