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The Hungry Hottie Transformation

How to solve all your weight loss, confidence, and energy problems, fast and forever– while eating delicious food that’s ready in minutes!

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Product Description

This book pulls back the curtain and reveals all the quick, simple, mouth-watering, soul sizzling recipes and the transformational weight loss method that I’ve used with thousands of women over the years for amazing results – celebrities included! You’ll enjoy the same recipes that have been enjoyed at Oscar parties by Tinsel Town’s brightest stars and on the set of some of Hollywood’s most popular television shows and films!

What you’ll experience:
1. Deliciously Simple Recipes
These quick recipes with minimal ingredients will make your mouth water and forever change how you feel about “healthy” food!
2. Less Time Cooking & Shopping
Spend less time cooking and shopping and more time living! With minimal ingredients, fast cooking times and done for you shopping list templates, The Hungry Hottie Cookbook frees up your time to focus on the important things!
3. Fast Weight Loss
Experience fast weight loss while enjoying new twists on your favorite foods. Think burgers, fries, hot wings and even chocolate chip cookie dough!
4. Increased Energy
You’ll enjoy increased levels of energy as a result of eating nourishing, plant-based meals packed with nutrients and flavor!
5. Renewed Confidence
Finally feel great in your own skin and be confident in your ability to do ANYTHING you set your mind to while feeling nourished the entire way!
6. Increased Awareness
Become mindful of your relationship with food and discover revolutionary new ways to change that relationship forever!
7. More Calm, Peace, Ease, and Grace
By simply using the step-by-step Hungry Hottie Method and recipes in this book, you’ll nourish not just your body but your spirit for more calm, peace, ease and grace.


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