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I love Murad because they are non-toxic and that’s important to me in beauty care, as I teach my clients to stop using beauty products that put toxins directly onto their skin to be absorbed into the body. Most of their products are formulated without parabens, sulfates, petroleum, mineral oil or animal derived ingredients.

Plus they have great kits for skin type as well as specific skin issues. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

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“One of the foundational concepts of my approach to skincare is the simple truth that beautiful skin is healthy skin and healthy skin is beautiful. Early on in my career as a dermatologist, I realized that there were three key processes that rob skin of both health and beauty: free-radical oxidation, inflammation triggered by irritation and last but not least, dehydration. Armed with that insight, I began to experiment with different combinations of ingredients that addressed all three of these damaging processes. Eventually I perfected just the right “recipe” of antioxidants, anti-irritants and hydrators and blended it intoe very one of my formulas.”


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