Healthy Eating Is More Than a Trend

It's a necessity!

We’re told EVERY DAY that our diets should consist of more fresh whole foods. But it’s high-time someone told the truth...


With busy work schedules and family obligations, it can be difficult to find the time to meal plan, shop, cook…and also work out!

If you’re just starting to transition to a healthier lifestyle, navigating this brand new world you’ve entered can become overwhelming. 

Life seemed easier when you could eat processed foods, frozen dinners or take out….RIGHT?  

Let me ask you...

  • What if you had a plan that took the guesswork out of eating healthier?  
  • What if you could have three healthy and delicious meals plus 2 snacks mapped out for you every day and all you had to do is shop for ingredients and follow recipes?  
  • What if there was a meal plan that could help you lose weight naturally so you didn’t have to count calories OR points?  
  • What if eating clean was made super EASY for you AND your family? 

Well... I have exactly what you need!

I have created a 4-week meal plan to help you and your family Eat more real, clean and whole foods.


The So Fresh & So Clean Meal Plan

It’s a meal plan that serves as a roadmap for those wanting to transition to healthier eating and living.  

But most of all, this plan provides you with meals that are good for you so food does what it is supposed to do – nourish and heal your body from the inside.  

Hippocrates said it best -- “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” 

This program is the best meal plan to have if you are ready and committed to changing your diet and creating a healthy lifestyle.  

This is not for everyone...

This is for you ONLY if you are ready and committed to changing your diet and creating a healthy lifestyle.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Kitchen Tested Family Approved

Traditional • Paleo • Vegetarian • AIP • Keto

How It Works

You Don't Have To Worry About Your Meals

Includes daily menus, recipes and grocery lists for three meals and two snacks that combines the right clean foods that are beneficial to your body and your taste buds.

Grocery Shop with Ease

Your shopping list is prepared for you. Simply download your list and go to the market. 

No Restrictions

This Meal Plan is NOT a diet! You don’t have to worry about counting calories and points. The program is designed to teach you how to prepare healthy meals so eating clean becomes a way of life. 

Feed Your Entire Family

 This contains recipes that can serve from 1 to 4 people. You don’t have to worry about preparing separate meals for yourself and your family.

Save Time and $$$

You will learn how to meal prep so you can save time on your meals during the work week. You’ll have snacks and meals ready to go, so you won’t spend a bunch of money or sabotage your hard work by eating out.

Go Beyond Smoothies

If you have invested in a good power blender, our plan will teach you how to use it for more than smoothies. 

Dietary Options

Our meal plan is gluten-free friendly. Our recipes include ingredients that are naturally gluten-free or can be made gluten-free with simple substitutions. 

More Plant-Based & Whole Food

Eating clean doesn’t have to mean only raw veggies, salads and smoothies. Our recipes utilize whole food ingredients so you can eat clean with a variety of meals that are both nutritious AND delicious.

Enjoy all the benefits of meal planing

Your Meal Plan membership includes: 

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$97 $37 

Zero risk. No hassle returns. Cancel anytime. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes! All recipes can be prepared ahead of time and reheated.


The recipes included in the Meal Plan are whole-food based can be prepared gluten and soy free. The purpose of this Meal Plan is to help you learn to eat clean. The meals are traditional but we also offer vegetarian and vegan options as well.


Your meal plan will come with recipes and shopping lists for 3 meals + 2 snacks each day.


No, this NOT a diet! There is no restriction on what you can eat and how much. You do not have to count calories, points, fat grams or carbs.


The purpose of this Meal Plan is to teach you how to make "eating clean" a way of life that's simple and manageable.


Every body is different. If you are transitioning from a diet consisting largely of processed foods, sugar and fat, when you start eating clean your weight will drop. It's because you have begun to eat the foods that not only feed your body but cleanse it as well.


If eating clean isn't new to you, you may see some weight loss with the Meal Plan but it's not a guarantee. There are some other amazing benefits you will likely experience:

  • an improved immune system so you get sick less
  • increased energy that is sustainable throughout the day
  • clearer skin, stronger hair and nails
  • leaner physique
  • your self-esteem will skyrocket (because you are looking and feeling better).


It is not possible to provide a budget as price vary depending on where you live and where you shop.


Of course, we always prefer organic but you can still achieve the same results by buying conventional.


This Meal Plan is very flexible. If it works better for your budget to use frozen fruits and vegetables instead of fresh, that's totally fine.


You can work the plan according to your preferences and budget.


Plus the Meal Plan is designed to save you money. You will make fewer trips to the grocery store and spend less money on eating out.


When you purchase the items on the grocery lists provided you don't have to worry about them spoiling and going to waste because each item you buy will be used in the preparation of your meals.


Each week we inspire you with recipes that vary in prep and total time.


If you have a busy schedule we recommend you prep your meals (i.e,. cutting, chopping etc.) for the upcoming week on the weekend then freezing the ingredients until you need them.


Of course! Our recipes are for anyone and everyone. They are very family- friend so you don't have to worry about cooking separate meals for yourself, your spouse and you kids.


Every family member can benefit from eating clean, nourishing whole food-based meals.


Yes. Contact us within 30 days for a full refund if you aren't enjoying our simple healthy recipes.


Unfortunately, no. Our money back guarantee gives you an opportunity to sign up for the plan and participate in the Challenge.


If you aren’t 100% happy, simply email us for a full refund within 30 days of signing up.