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Blender Babes Juice Cleanse Recipes & Daily Plan

You will PREP for 5 days prior to the Juice Detox, eliminating certain foods from your diet – then your juice days, followed by 5 days of slowly introducing foods back into your diet. (Learn more about  this HERE)

For 1 or more days (no more than 5), you will drink a total of 6 juices per day â€“ and (only if you MUST) you may EAT one meal that consists of only fruits or vegetables at the end of the day.


Then get The Blender Cleanse! It makes doing the cleanse a BREEZE!



  • delicious, nutritionist approved 5 day whole foods meal plan to prepare your body before and after the juice detox portion of the cleanse.
  • Utilize your blender with meals, sauces, dressings and more with our special meal plan!
  • Recipes include allowed meat and dairy (vegan substitutions coming soon!)
  • All recipes are gluten-free.
  • Also includes two SPECIAL BONUS videos: Guided Meditation for Mindset and Quick Booty Workout.
  • Daily email guidance throughout the cleanse. I will be there with you every step of the way!
  • Receive all updates. If I add more bonuses, recipes and more you will always receive all the latest.
  • Access to all live cleanses I host throughout the year.

♥ During Prep, Juice Days, and Ease Out Days: You will start every morning with a glass of warm filtered water containing the juice of half of a fresh squeezed organic lemon.  Just make sure to drink it through a reusable straw to prevent stripping the enamel off your teeth, as lemons are acidic out of the body and become alkaline once inside the body. How much lemon juice is a matter of personal preference but for most people, squeeze half a lemon in 8 to 16 ounce glass of warm to hot filtered water. This will also help wake up your system and get things moving.

This is a daily habit I recommend you stick with beyond the juice cleanse. It’s so easy to do and can really help your body with normal elimination and detoxification processes.

During Juice Days: There’s lots of foods you can eat during the 5 preparation days before the actual juice detox starts! You will slowly start to eliminate some of them, so make sure to enjoy what you can the last day it’s allowed if you know you will miss it!

♥ For Breakfast: Start your day with hot water and lemon. Then either have a green smoothie, or eggs with lightly sautéed vegetables, or perhaps some gluten free oats and fresh fruit.

♥ For Lunch: Try a large salad, perhaps with some lean fish or chicken on the days it’s allowed.

♥ For Dinner: I  recommend lean protein if you eat meat regularly, with some vegetables on the days it’s allowed. Try adding a sweet potato or beans and a green salad. On the days just before the juice detox starts, try a vegetable soup with salad. Try some of our detox friendly recipes!

♥ Snacks: Make sure to have lots of snacks on hand! Make your own raw trail mix or just munch on some almonds, walnuts, or raw veggies with one of our many detox friendly recipes! Of course, a smoothie is always a great choice as well!

♥ During Juice Days: As your day starts, drink your juice recipes in order as often as you need to.

Since we all have different lifestyles and schedules, a good rule of thumb as far as when to drink your juice, is to wait about one to two hours between juices and to finish the last beverage about two hours before you sleep. If you decide to eat 1 meal of fruits or vegetables at the end of the day, try to eat it 2 hours before you go to sleep. If you EAT right before you sleep at night, this does not allow your insides to properly REST.

I recommend taking something for digestion & elimination throughout the detox – Best Choice: MAG07 2nd Choice: Psyllium Husk

I also recommend taking a probiotic supplement which will also help with digestion & elimination.

♥ You MUST hydrate and help eliminate as much as possible with 8oz-16oz of filtered water between your juice cleanse recipes.


Breakfast Juice: I AM SUNSHINE
Mid-morning Juice: I AM BERRY CLEAN
Lunch Juice: I AM SWEET
Afternoon Snack Juice: I AM SPICE-C HOT
Dinner Juice: I AM GREAT-FULL
Dessert Juice: I AM DIVINE

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